big brother 14 cast 'Big Brother' recap: Go, Go, JojoJulie, whose red-and-white abstract/floral patterned dress looks like she’s sustained multiple gunshot wounds, tells us that it’s only day 21, but three houseguests are already gone, and one coach is hanging by a thread. Well, my mood is improved already.

After previouslies, and a recap from Julie, and a replay of the Veto meeting in which Danielle joined Jojo on the block, Danielle throws herself a pity party in the Diary Room. Frank DRs that it’s too early to start turning on his own people, by which he means Mike’s and Janelle’s. And Jojo says she plans to make sure everyone knows the reason she should stay in the house. Her permanent duck-face?

In one of the bedrooms, Dan tells Danielle that he was only pretending to ditch her to motivate her, but since that didn’t work, it’s on to plan B. Which should have been plan A.

Meanwhile, Shane assures Jojo in the Have-Not room that he’s there for her. Ian comes in and they turn out the light, and in the infrared camera, Jojo and Shane commence flirting shamelessly. Ian puts the kibosh on this by saying he’s been told he’s too heavy on the tongue, which seems like a socially maladjusted thing to say, because it is, but sometimes — like when you want to get to sleep already, on your curved, slanted, metal platform — a conversation-killer is exactly what you need.

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