big brother 13 cast premiere 'Big Brother' recap: How Do You Spell "Blabbermouth?"It’s Day 21, and HoH Rachel has just nominated Adam and Dominic for eviction. Each of the nominees DRs that he made a deal with Brendon and Rachel and is actually just a pawn. But they can’t both be right, can they? Jeff says Rachel holds a grudge, so he’s glad it’s not him and Jordan up this week. “You just never know,” he understates. And Daniele DRs that the time is right to save Dominic and get Rachel to put up Jeff and Jordan instead. Well, if it’s time…

In the Have-Not room, Dominic and Adam discuss what this means, and how, when they play the PoV competition, hopefully they’ll be up against Lawon and Kalia instead of Jeff and Jordan. Like the producers would ever let that happen. Rachel’s eavesdropping outside the door, until she comes in and says it’s not a “Nomination Week” but a “Veto Week,” whatever that is. She offers them both the chance to make a deal, and Dominic politely says he would prefer to wait until after the Power of Veto competition. And, as he says in the DR, he just found out what a deal with Rachel is worth anyway.

Dominic and Daniele are hanging out, and she agrees to do whatever she can to protect him. As far as that goes. Up in the HoH room, Rachel talks to Daniele and Brendon about Jeff and Jordan, and Daniele assures them that everyone in the house would be down with nominating Jeff and Jordan. Everyone, she insists. Including Jeff and Jordan, she seems so certain about it.

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