big brother 14 cast 'Big Brother' recap: On the ReservationAfter the bloodbath that kicked off the season, here we are, officially in the middle of August, and there are still eleven idiots in this house. There had better be a double elimination soon. Or a plague. I don’t care which.

You may recall that Head of Household Frank nominated Wil and Joe this week. Wil Diary Rooms that he’s been trying not to take it personally all summer. He’s been sucking at it, then. Frank DRs that Wil’s attitude is to blame him for making him the target, so Wil probably should go ahead and take it personally. And Joe assures us in the DR that he’s not going home without a fight. “PACK A LUNCH, AMERICA!” And earplugs.

Post-noms, Danielle tells Dan to look on the bright side: at least Mike and Frank weren’t lying about the initial nominations. But they still don’t trust them, and hope to play in the Veto competition to avoid being backdoored. By their allies.

Mike and Frank have a whispered conversation about how Wil has to go, for having the temerity to not kiss their asses hard or wet enough the other day. They also discuss approaching Joe for a super-secret alliance, in order to secure his gratitude and loyalty if he stays this week. One of those plans makes sense.

Frank has a quiet talk with Joe in the storage room to assure him that he’s not the target, and tells him to be cool. “Joe’s like a drunk girl at prom,” Frank DRs. “He’s gonna make a mess; you just gotta make sure he doesn’t throw up on your shoes.” Thanks for that sexist homespun wisdom, Frank.

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