big brother 14 cast 'Big Brother' recap: Secrets and AlliesDuring the replay of Jojo’s eviction from Thursday, Danielle says she’s been testing fate since day one; Frank considers his HoH reign a success, what with getting rid of two other people last week; and Shane says it’s him against the house now. Well, him and Britney, who says she’s gone from three players to one in only a week. And Wil sasses Jojo a farewell from the Diary Room, apropos of nothing.

Then there’s the replay of Shane winning the HoH on Thursday. Frank calls that development “bittersweet,” given that he’s been talking deals with Shane. Joe, however, calls it a “TOTAL BUZZKILL…I’M IN FOR SOME TROUBLE THIS WEEK!!!” So are the foundations of the house if you don’t dial it back, Shouty.

With Jojo gone, Shane now feels free to concentrate all his flirting on Danielle, who’s only too happy about it, especially now that he’s HoH. Wil DRs, “I’m screwed. Get me some camouflage, folks.” Like that’s his thing. Mike, on the other hand, is perfectly happy, what the secret deal he and Frank made with Shane. His only problem is that now he has to pretend to be upset for the benefit of the other people in the house.

Meanwhile, Britney’s going off to Ashley about how there are going to be some scores settled. “It’s kind of scary,” Ashley DRs, which, given that Ashley thinks everything is wonderful all the time, means it’s actually kind of terrifying.

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