russell bigbrother11 290 'Big Brother': Russell's exit interviewWe have our interview with evicted “Big Brother” contestant Russell, plus video of his live eviction and interview with Julie Chen. Enjoy!

Our fair Russell is not the most verbose of fellows, but I think it is partially due to the written nature of the interview. I can always get a lot more out of them when we’re speaking over the phone. Anyway, enjoy Russell’s short n’ sweet answers.

What were you up to before Big Brother?
I was training for my most recent fight that was scheduled to be in July and working as a commercial real estate broker.

What are your plans once it’s over?
Go back into fighting and go back into the real world. I’m realistic.

Did you enjoy your experience?

Do you regret any of the fights you got into with Chima, Jeff or Jordan?
No. It was all part of the game.

Do you think in the heat of the moment things were said that shouldn’t have been?
No, everything is fair game. Everyone knew that when they came into the house and you took that risk by signing on the dotted line.

On a personal level, who was your favorite house guest?  Why?
Casey because he has a great sense of humor.

Why do you think you were unsuccessful getting Kevin and Michele to agree to a Final Three deal?
I think Kevin has a deal with Jeff and I think Michele has a deal with Jeff.

Would you really have stayed with Jeff, Jordan and Michele to the Final Four?
Yes, because I know I can beat them at anything.

Who do you want to stay in touch with outside the house? How do you feel about Jeff?

Casey and Jessie. I think Jeff is a great guy and he played the game well.

Who do you think is playing/has played the best game?
Right now … Kevin. He’s sitting in the background listening and not saying anything.

Who do you think played/is playing the worst game?

Jordan. She’s playing with her heart on her sleeve.

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