Well, the new Big Brother Head of Household has made the nominations tonight. I’m not terribly surprised by one and I am fairly surprised by the other. The HOH has some rather weird logic going on with this one, in my opinion. Follow along after the jump to see who the HOH has nominated.

Jerry has nominated Keesha and Dan, just like I thought he would. The Dan nomination makes total sense. Jerry hates Dan and Dan has started winning competitions lately. What I don’t understand is why Jerry didn’t nominate Dan and Memphis. He can’t possibly want to be Final 3 with them because he can’t beat them in competitions, but against Keesha and Renny Jerry might have a fighting chance.

It appears Jerry has made some kind of deal with Memphis about Final 2. I’m not exactly sure what the deal is but they seem to be all buddy-buddy all of sudden. I think Memphis is still aligned with Dan and is just using Jerry.

What I hope for now is that Dan wins the Power of Veto and takes himself off, then (due to this new deal between Memphis and Jerry) Renny goes up as the replacement. I think since Jerry can’t leave this week, it is time to go for one of the girls.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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