There have been lots of changes among the HGs in Big Brother: ‘Til Death do You Part over the last few episodes. James and Chelsia were put on the block together, causing her to slowly unravel. James won the PoV and since everyone knew he would save himself, they all scrambled to make sure they would not be his replacement. Except Joshuah, who convinced Sharon to volunteer herself as a pawn against Chelsia. Which is eventually exactly how it panned out, with only Natalie catching on that Joshuah was pulling Sharon’s strings. Leading many of us to think maybe Natalie isn’t so D. U. M., dumb.

We see the usual montage of review but I am more amazed by the fact that between these clips, Sheila manages to remind us twice in under 2 minutes time that she is 45. You know, just in case we had forgotten. Also in the montage, we see Natalie win the HoH on a "mental challenge". Which causes even her own team mates to comment to her "You are such an idiot! How did you win a mental challenge?" Her answer is to go on a holy roller tirade, praising the almighty and christening them all "Team Christ".   Which seems like a strike against Christianity, frankly.

Strike two comes with Natalie’s second amazing number theory.  She is certain that god caused her win, because the number of god is 777. We get to hear about how 7 is her favorite number, there are 7 people left in week 7, she was born November 7, Matt was born April 7, she was 7lbs 11oz when she was born at 7:11.  Her frenzy over the numbers would almost be amusing if I didn’t feel certain that we might be witnessing the first clear delusion of a total psychotic break. I do, however, laugh out loud as Joshuah comments to James that Natalie is clearly crazy.  And it’s the 8th week, not the 7th.

But James isn’t going to bring up that fact with Natalie. He’s too concerned about her putting him on the block. As such, he asks her what she will do and she just mutters that she doesn’t know, and goes back to asking god. Over and over and over. At least, that is what she does until she gets to see her HoH room, which is when she goes back to thanking him and then crying over pictures of her dog and family and the requisite sappy letter. I have to admit that I am surprised the BB producers showed some restraint and didn’t fan the fire of Natalie’s crazy by giving her a personal message from Matt. Then again, if he can watch her behavior now, he’s probably already got lawyers working on presenting a case for a restraining order against her.

But Natalie takes a vacation from crazy to reconnect with silly by asking Adam to play hide-and-go-seek with her. He balefully agrees and sets himself to counting. She hides herself under the houses dirty towels which, for one : Ew. Secondly, it probably would have worked better if she had completely covered herself with the towels. Instead, she leaves her knee and, of course her knee sock, totally exposed. As such, Adam finds her quickly enough, but is so amused by the sight that he opens a cabinet door, calls her name and leaves the room. To tell Ryan and Joshuah to go look at her "hiding". They all have a good laugh, but Joshuah spills the beans soon enough and Natalie wants a second chance. The second time around, all the guys go to look for her. Which makes it all the more amusing when Adam jumps a mile in the air when he opens the very same cabinet he looked in before, only this time the bikini barista is curled up inside.  Talk about dirty pipes.

They try to show us the HGs more serious side, as Sheila asks Joshuah how he came out to his parents. It seems that Joshuah was away at college and didn’t want to come home early for the holidays because there was a party he wanted to go to with his gay friends. His mom called him everyday trying to talk him into coming home sooner until he finally told her – and I swear to you I am not making this up – "You can’t handle the truth!" Sadly, he did not bark it like Jack Nicholson. He then blurted out "I’m gay!" And just like the editors, I have no idea where to go from here, so let’s just move on.

James sneaks up to the HoH room to try to convince Natalie to put Joshuah and Sharon on the block, since they are working as a couple. He says all the guys are afraid of him and apropos of nothing, Natalie tells him that she is the outcast of her group. But she also admits that she trusts James more than Joshuah, which gives James the in he was looking for. He tells her that he wants to work with her and that he will back her up no matter what. They seem to agree to final two, but I can’t be sure with Natalie’s wild eyes, arm flinging and nonsense. She camera talks that he’s broken her trust before and she can either continue to not trust him and forget about making it to the final two, or she can trust him and possibly get burned again. Those are the only two options? Really?

Food Competition:
The HGs are sequestered and one at a time come outside to find two tokens – one for food and one for slop.  They have to cast the token that they want, while keeping in mind that if 3 or more of them choose slop everyone will get what they asked for. If less than 2 pick slop, then all those who picked food get slop and the 2 that picked slop get food. Basically, it’s a convoluted way of finding out how self serving the other HGs are. Which is sort of redundant, isn’t it? Yet, most of the house errs on the side of caution, with nearly everyone choosing slop. Everyone except Adam, who gets to enjoy food with Natalie.

We see a flash of James’s human side, as he wakes in the middle of the night wondering if he did the right things by sacrificing Chelsia to his greed. Since there is no one there to answer him, he just sits outside and cries. If he had cried in front of the house, maybe they wouldn’t think he is so diabolical. As it is, Ryan works hard to convince Natalie to put James on the block, but does it really take so much effort? As we see a clip of Natalie standing in front of Matt’s photo on the wall, a glass of wine in her hand , telling the image "It’s me and you, that’s it" it occurs to me that all anyone needs to do to make Natalie do their bidding is convince her that Matt would want it that way.

And that’s just about exactly how it comes down. Natalie puts James up on the block with Joshuah, not because they are the two people she distrusts the most. But because, as she says "Matt will be ecstatic!"  Seriously Matt…call the lawyers.

Posted by:Jessica Paff