due to an Easter Bunny mishap. But I am here tonight, with my new lucky rabbit’s foot, ready to get caught up!

The quick review makes it look like I didn’t miss much. Adam had won the HoH, splitting the house between him, Sheila, Natalie and Ryan against James, Chelsia, Joshuah and Sharon. It didn’t take much arm twisting on Natalie’s part to talk him into avenging Matt for her by putting James and Chelsia on the block, citing the same reasons James claimed to go after Matt last week for: playing as a team. It’s a nice bit of symmetry, since James actually put Matt up for his part in backdooring James and Adam puts James up in retaliation for him backdooring Matt.

Chelsia and James celebrate their nominations for eviction by dancing around, cheering and making jokes about which of their team mates would be backdoored in their stead. Which is kinda of crass to say in front of said team mates, but this is the Big Brother house, after all. Natalie runs up to the HoH room with Adam, where she tells him he made a smart move and then repeats the key points of his speech back to him. Frankly, if Natalie commented on the intelligence of any action of mine, I would be worried. But Adam acts relieved and they are soon joined by Sheila, who is also escaping the festivities of James and Chelsia. I am rather surprised by the amount of vitriol in the room for the nominees, as they all sit around moaning about how childish they are and repeating to each other "They just make me sick" in the tone of voice usually reserved for people who torture puppies.

More amusing is how downstairs Chelsia states that she bets Sheila is upstairs complaining about how Chelsia didn’t want to hug her at the ceremony. She is totally calling Sheila on her bullsh!t without even being in the room with Sheila, because at that very moment Sheila is upstairs, still using the puppy torturer tone and whining about how Chelsia was snotty by refusing to be fake and hug her. This season would be totally redeemed for me if they would play that clip for Sheila during her exit interview and then have Julie Chen ask her "So, Sheila, how does it feel to have a girl half your age have you completely figured out after just a few weeks?"  Then again, Sheila would probably just babble something nonsensical about looking good for 45 and how she was in it or her son and God, Adam is horrible. So, never mind, no redemption to be seen for this season just yet.

The house seems really discombobulated tonight, which seems odd since it is rather evenly matched (forgetting that Joshuah is totally trying to play both sides). Chelsia is at odds because she doesn’t want to campaign against James, but at the same time she knows that if it comes down to the two of them he will be the one evicted. Meanwhile, Natalie has completely entered delusionville as she states that God is in control and he won’t let James win the PoV. Statements like this bother me, not because I am a godless heathen. Rather, they irritate me in retrospect. Invariably, when it is shown that God is either uninterested in the outcome of reality television or is actively smiting the one so sure of his holy presence in the eviction ceremony, they remain silent. Even Jesus had his Gethsemane. A little crying on the mountain would be entertaining at least, but I could go for some screams of "take this cup away from me"!

I took that analogy way too far, didn’t I?

There is some cross promotion for the movie 21 (which looks fabulous and is based on the book Bringing Down the House, which I wanted to read but never got around to) which has Joshuah, Sheila, Sharon and Chelsia getting a private screening of the flick. Chelsia even wins a trip to Vegas to stay in the suite the stars of 21 stayed in and prizes worth $21,000 and hey! Can we say 21 a few more times? Great! Thanks!  After the movie there is night time PoV pick, which makes all the HGs nervous. It makes half of them even more nervous when the competition ends up stacked in James and Chelsia’s favor, with Adam and Sheila squaring off against Joshuah, Sharon, Chelsia and James.

PoV Competition
Soon enough the reason for the PM PoV picks becomes clear as Evil Dick returns to the house in the wee hours and, just as I predicted, locates his favored pots and pans to clang together to wake the house. Most of the HGs just laugh, hurriedly get dressed and line up for the PoV competition. This week we return to one of BBs favored gimmicks – attempting to induce vomiting! The HGs will have to choke down as many noxious concoctions as possible in 3 minutes. Each drink they manage to stomach will grant them an extra shot in a game of croquet. Sounds easy, but when you are talking about drinking something like grapefruit, oysters and antacid…well, it’s a whole new ball game. A smelly one. Additionally, if the winning HG beats Dick’s record of 33, they will win a Gibson Les Paul guitar and amplifier. If they don’t, Dick gets it. Can’t he buy his own?

The end results are rather shocking. Not that Josh got to 5 and then quit. But rather that Sheila managed more (with 7) than Sharon or Chelsia (who each got 6). Adam is the only one who comes close to James, but his 8 leaves him two shots behind James’s perfect 10. As such, it is no big surprise when James wins the PoV,if not the guitar. Which makes Dick go away happy. Honestly, I expected a little more venom from him. He didn’t even call Joshuah "Princess" once!

The end of the PoV brings the beginning of the scheming. Joshuah runs to Ryan to have him talk to Adam and make sure he isn’t put on the block in James’s place. Then he goes a step further and actually talks Sharon into convincing Adam to put her up against Chelsia. Granted, it is a smart move because Chelsia will obviously be the one to go, but who knew Joshuah could play the game? The only near snag comes with Sharon tells Natalie all that transpired in her conversation with Adam and – the biggest shock of the evening – Natalie recognizes that Joshuah is the mastermind of the entire deal.

Natalie attempts to convince Adam to put Joshuah on the block since he is controlling Sharon and with him gone she would likely enter an alliance with their team. Which makes sense. However, Ryan counters that getting rid of Chelsia will weaken James’s game. Of course, I don’t believe that to be true, because  James has proven that he’s in the game for himself and to enact revenge on those who wronged him. Getting rid of Chelsia will tick him off, sure, but also allows him to potentially keep Joshuah and Sharon as allies. With wild card Sheila switching alliances whenever the mood strikes her, the house could remain deadlocked another week.

Or maybe James is right and magical wizards are keeping him in the house! It certainly isn’t his charming personality, as he takes a moment to slam Chelsia in his speech about using the PoV to save himself by cooling reporting "Chelsia, you are probably gone". True love! Thus, wizards seems feasible, as the predictable happens and Sharon joins Chelsia on the block.

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