The first time we had an explosion of tears on Big Brother: ‘Til Death Do You Part, it was sort of amusing. But now that the waaaahmbulance is on call 24/7, it’s a bit tiresome. Besides, I ran out of things to say about excessive crying last season. Thanks a lot, Amber!

To review, Sharon and Joshuah were placed on the block and as Sharon and Sheila cried over how kind and generous and gracious Joshuah was, he was campaigning against Sharon. Unfortunately, Natalie’s suspicions about Joshuah had not abated and so she campaigned against him and he was voted out. I don’t know if Billybob cried, but Sharon sure did. And while no one broke down in tears, no one seemed ecstatic when Adam won HoH either.

It becomes apparent why when Adam immediately starts making jokes about who he is going to put on the block – a subject most of the HGs are a little touchy about. When Sheila is mentioned as a candidate for elimination, she storms off while the rest of "Team Christ" camera talks about how she is their weakest link anyway. James is past his breaking point with being on the block, a fact that becomes apparent when he begins to not only refer to himself in the third person, but to call himself "Crazy James".  I hope they have emergency psych staff at the ready, because someone may need a shot soon. Ryan, Adam and Natalie all hang out in the HoH room and plot to go after James, then Sharon and then Sheila – who will be the first team member they cannibalize.

We see a montage of all the ways Sheila has already been done wrong, via the practical jokes she is often the butt of. This goes from the PoV in the wee hours trick to getting a face full of flour when she’s out sunbathing, among several other pranks. It’s a wonder the woman isn’t a basket case, waiting for someone to jump out at her around every corner. And it seems she may have reached her breaking point, but it has little to do with the fact that the guys toilet papered her bedroom and more to do with the fact that she misses her son. She cries to Adam about it in a scene that is actually very awkward, as she turns her back to Adam because she doesn’t want to cry in front of him and he just sits there looking trapped but still not actually wanting to offer her any comfort. 

Meanwhile, a new alliance is in the works between Ryan and Sharon, who decide it should be kept top secret and that they will help keep each other off the block. Which basically means that Sharon has taken Joshuah’s place as Ryan’s secret partner. They promise to make it to the final 2 together, agreeing that the two nicest people in the house need to win it. The two most humble too! Ryan gets to work right away, talking Adam into putting up Sheila instead of Sharon. Sharon runs off to hang out with Ryan’s avowed enemy, James, whom she has decided to use as a surrogate Joshuah.

Food Competition:
It’s actually pretty easy this week. The HGs have to use mashed potatoes to create paths on a ramp, down which they will pour gravy. If they can fill the containers at the bottom of the ramp with the gravy, they will win whatever the container represents. They all work fairly well as a team and end up winning just about everything. Meaning that no one is on slop and in addition to dairy, eggs, meat, fish, pasta, breads, desserts and snacks, they also win a grill to cook on.

But none of this cheers up James, who pouts to Adam. Adam accepts the guilt as readily as a devout Catholic. He actually says that he doesn’t want James to be an island in the house, which means that Jame’s strategy is working on him. When Ryan walks into the room, James clams up, but as he walks away again James’s asks Adam if he is set in his ways. Adam responds that his mind is pretty much made up, which I interpret as meaning that James is going on the block. However, Ryan hears something very different than me and runs off to tell Natalie before vowing to "talk some sense into Adam". Natalie goes with him and incredulously asks Adam if he is actually reading the Holy Bible at all. Why? Is there a passage in Corinthians that says "Ye shall not suffer the pink haired to remain on reality TV and thus shall instead plot to see his eviction"? Because I never saw that in the King Jame version.

James gets Adam alone again in the HoH room to ask for help, but apparently either Natalie has supernatural hearing or the walls in the BB House are super thin, because a moment later she is charging up the stairs in order to confront James for daring to invoke her name. She butts right in to the conversation, outlining how James is untrustworthy and James counters with how he never did Adam wrong and that the conversation does not concern her. From there, it gets ugly, and I am not even sure how. Her and James are going back and forth and then they next thing I know he is having a total breakdown. You know, just like last week. He insists that they have isolated him, broken him and how he’s not mean, he’s lonely and scared and wants to stay in the game. By the end of it all, Adam is crying too.

Nomination Ceremony:
Apparently, James’s tears moved Adam something fierce, because instead of backing his team’s decision to put up James and Sheila, he puts up Sharon and Sheila. Which seems to really anger Sheila, who camera talks that she thought they had a special bond. You mean the one where you call him names and rant about how much you hate him before sinking into an uneasy truce when it suits you? Ryan calls the choice cowardly and spineless, but Adam states that he did it to hurry the elimination process along and to stir up an epic PoV battle. I guess time will tell on that front.

What did you think of the nominations? Who do you think will ultimately go home?

Posted by:Jessica Paff