Sheila_bigbrother_s9_240Hey, did you Big Brother: ‘Til Death Do You Part fans hear? Sheila doesn’t want to be shackled to Adam for 24 hours. I don’t know how you could have missed it, considering she reiterated it every 20 seconds.

Me and my spoilers will be chained together for 24 hours starting…now.

The episode kicks off right where we left off after Thursday’s live eviction, and the naked shock on Natalie’s face is still as apparent as it was a few days ago. That girl really, really thought she was going to win the game. At first it seems like the drama is going to be all about Sheila’s recriminations following the split vote, but things take a turn for the interesting when we learn that Ryan and Adam had a deal to tell no one who voted for Natalie to leave and who voted for her to stay, a deal Adam completely blew when he whispered "I voted for you" to Natalie as she was leaving. That’s sneaky, and I like it. It’s about time Adam did something a bit risky.

Unfortunately for Adam, however, he wasn’t quite as stealth as he thought he was being because Ryan totally saw the whole thing. Ruh roh! Adam tries his best throughout the episode to convince Ryan he said "What do you want me to do?" instead, but Ryan just isn’t buying it. Eventually Sharon and Sheila also find out about Adam’s confession and the whole house seems not to trust him. Sharon takes the time to cement her final two alliance with Ryan and seems comforted by the fact they are still working together, not knowing Ryan has a final two alliance with everyone who has ever stepped foot inside the Big Brother house. Even Adam himself recognizes his confession might have repercussions on his game. Will this be the end of Adam and Ryan’s tight alliance? Mark me down as skeptical.

After that bit of business is attended to, the show then moves on to the most controversial issue from Thursday’s episode: the revelation that there is another preexisting relationship in the house. The guinea pigs, remember? I know I tried to block it from my mind, so I would understand if you didn’t. It seems the show got exactly what it wanted and whole house is in upheaval wondering who the relationship might be. The hamsters suggest Adam and Sheila as a married couple, Sharon and Sheila as mother and daughter, and finally seem to get stuck on the possibility that Ryan and Sheila might be somehow related because he looks like one of Sheila’s cousins and Sheila looks like Ryan’s mother and aunt. These folks really need to interact with some different people, because they’re all going a little bit nutty.

Next, Adam talks like a robot and drives Sheila crazy. Wow, they sure will lower their standards for filler material when there are four people left in the house.

After that bit of filler it’s time to pay the bills with a luxury competition sponsored by the new Ashton Kutcher & Cameron Diaz movie What Happens in Vegas. The game is some sort of wig wearing, wine bottle smashing, ring finding, tic tac toe board filling, wheel spinning competition that’s impossible to accurately describe, so I’ll just say this: Houseguests smash! Houseguests spin wheel! Two houseguests win a chance to watch the film in the house and a trip to the red carpet premiere in Los Angeles complete with luxury hotel, spa visit, shopping spree and a chance to meet the cast at the after party. Everyone in the house loves either Ashton Kutcher, or Cameron Diaz, or both, or just movies in general (Sheila the "film buff") so this competition is a must win for everyone. Unluckily for Sheila and Adam, Sharon immediately calls Ryan as her partner, pretty much cementing their win. Heh. They easily take it and win the prize, and we have to watch at least five minutes of movie footage in the process. Product placement, hooray.

The best and worst part about the competition is that because they lost, Sheila and Adam have to be chained together for 24 hours following the nomination ceremony. This is the best thing because it will be so wonderful to torture them like that, but the worst because Sheila. Will not. Shut up about it. Truly, it’s an awe-inspiring chain of complaining equaling only her own complaining festival when she was first made Adam’s parter on the first day in the house. Dang, she’s annoying. How has she lasted this long in the game? I would have voted her out to spare my sanity weeks ago.

Finally, it’s time for the nominations. Although nominations don’t have as much meaning this week as they normally do (considering the POV winner has the ultimate power to decide who goes) Sheila still knows  she is going on the block and is a nervous wreck, even though Ryan tells her she’s fine because Sharon and Adam will be the ones going after each other. I don’t quite understand his reasoning, but trying to calm a neurotic Sheila seems smart, if only for his own sanity over the next few days. As expected, Ryan nominates Sharon and Sheila, who ends the episode by complaining about being on the block, and then complaining about being chained to Adam. Again. Some more. Do you think we could just skip seeing the results of this little ball and chain experiment on Tuesday? I don’t think I can handle hearing her complain about it again. It would be much more pleasant for us all to pretend like those 24 hours never even existed. I’m sure Adam would agree most of all.

Favorite quotes:

  • "Hee hee. It’s us, we’re sisters." – The guinea pigs
  • "I woke up from my nap today and felt like talking like a robot." – Adam
  • "Robotic Adam: can you get any more annoying?" – Sheila

A gentle reminder: no spoilers please, only discussion of the events of the episode.  Thank you!

Posted by:Carrie Raisler