aaryn-gries-family-hires-PR-big-brother-15.jpgThere have been several “Big Brother 15” houseguests who have made derogatory remarks towards African-Americans, Asians, gay people and women. But the one feeling most of the heat (both inside and outside the house) is Aaryn Gries, the 22-year-old college student from Texas.

Now sources for “Big Brother” tell the Los Angeles Times that Gries’ mother has already hired a publicist in order to do damage control to deal with the public fallout over Aaryn’s behavior in the house.

Gries has already been removed as a petite modeling magazine cover girl and had her contract canceled with her modeling agency, all while she remains in the house — and we would say blissfully unaware of the impact her comments are having, except that’s not exactly true.

While Aaryn may not be being told the extent of the backlash outside the house, there is much evidence to support the idea that the producers have warned the houseguests about the remarks they are making. In fact, fellow contestant Amanda took it upon herself (maybe with some prodding by production, but maybe not) to have a talk with Aaryn about being more mindful of saying hurtful things.

Aaryn’s response? To compare the things she says about minorities to the way people make fun of her being blonde and calling her “Barbie.” Days later, she flipped the bed of African-American contestant Candice and then, along with contestant GinaMarie Zimmerman (who is also in some trouble over her use of racial slurs), proceeded to “talk black” at Candice.

Spin all you want, PR person. Aaryn can’t seem to take a hint.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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