Dominic Briones is one of the latest “Big Brother” houseguests and despite not being a fan of the show until pretty recently, he seems to have a pretty good handle on how to play the game.

When asked if he would prefer twists or a more straight-forward game, Dominic tells us, “I am definitely hoping not for something that turns the house against each other … I’m hoping for something fun that just we don’t expect and kind of mixes things up.”

And what is his plan going into the house?

“I’m going to lay low, not win the first HOH. Just kind of be in the middle of the pack. Not get a target on me, stay away from the drama,” says Dominic. “I’d say like two or three weeks in, once I start getting a feel for what alliance I want to make, I’ll make a power move.”

We had to ask if there is a type of person Dominic does not want to see in the house and he definitely knows what type of person rubs him the wrong way.

“Rachel or Renny. Those two drive me nuts. Just watching them, that personality, that cackling life, that over-the-top personality, where it’s all about them. I’m not like that so I don’t think I could get along with someone like that,” he says. Won’t he be surprised if Brendan/Rachel are one of the duos that returns!

And finally, is a showmance in the cards for Dominic?

“I am not into a showmance. I am attached, but that’s not really a part of it. It puts a target on you and I feel like it’s not a good way to get through the game. Even if I wasn’t attached, I wouldn’t want a showmance at all,” Dominic says.

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Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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