One of “Big Brother’s” new hamsters is Kalia (Kah-LEE-ah) Booker, a writer originally from Philadelphia. She tells us she has a relationship blog, but she writes under a pseudonym, so we don’t know yet where her blog is on the ‘net. If you flex your Google skills and figure it out, let us know!

When asked why she wanted to do “Big Brother,” Kalia tells us, “I’m so secure in myself, I’m extremely opinionated, I’m extremely argumentative, so it’s kind of like … almost perfect.”

She also adds, “I’ve watched ‘Big Brother’ since the very beginning and nothing pisses me off more than watching the show and vehemently yelling at the screen … I would never be so naive to think that it’s easy in there. I think that the biggest mistake people make is they get way too emotionally attached in there … the smartest thing you could do is to walk in that house, trust nobody and lie to everyone … I’m not here to make friends, I got great friends at home. I don’t need any more. I’ve got everything I need but half a million dollars.”

Despite her feeling that she’s not in the house to make friends, she does realize that is going to be her strategy.

“[My strategy] is going to be being everyone’s best friend in that house, every single solitary day,” says Kalie. “Making sure that I have some kind of intense, emotional, ‘let’s share’ conversation with everyone in the house so everyone thinks the bond they have the most is with me.”

We have obviously found out about the “Double Trouble” twist, which will bring back several houseguests from past seasons. But what does Kalia think about twists versus old school? (Keep in mind she doesn’t know the twist.)

“I don’t really mind the twists, I think the twists are fun. I think that they can be extremely overkill, though. I think there’s times when the twists are just, they’re just stupid, sorry CBS, but it’s almost like they turn into a gimmick just to get people to stay involved,” says Kalia. “There was something so wonderful about the first few seasons of the show that were just so basic. There’s a really big part of me that hopes it goes back to that, instead of what it is now, which is a lot of people seeking something maybe outside of the money? Outside the experience?”

And of course, we had to ask about the infamous “Big Brother” showmances. But Kalia says she probably won’t be having one of those.

“It’s funny. I was saying for a very long time that I was completely and utterly unattached and completely and utterly open to do whatever I had to do to get the money. However, things have changed recently and there’s somebody that I care about that I just don’t want to disrespect or hurt. Things are going to be a little bit more muted than they were originally planned, but there are a lot of ways to win the money aside from just ho-ing out on TV,” Kalia laughs.

Got it. No ho-ing out on TV. “Big Brother” premieres Thursday, July 7 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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