Keith Henderson is one of newest “Big Brother” contestants and we can definitely say he is one of the most colorful. He has a strategy laid out that is more involved and has more planning behind it than we think anyone in the history of show (prior to entering the game).

Keith tells us all about it:

“I do have a set strategy going into the house. I’m going to align myself with three girls, we’re gonna call ourselves ‘Keith’s Angels.’ Each of us are gonna have many alliances, so one girl’s gonna have two people, I’m gonna align with two people, the other two girls are gonna be aligned with two people and in between the four of us, we’re gonna pick off each week who we want to eliminate, so it’s not about winning every single challenge, if we are able to manipulate every mini-alliance, we can get everybody out of the house.

At the end of the day, why would I want to be standing next to a guy who is just as strong as I am? My goal is get all the guys out first and to be standing next to my girls. I can manipulate the girls into walking me right to the finish line, so I got a fool-proof strategy.

One of the girls has to be somebody I’m definitely physically attracted to. I want to be able to have the showmances and still be able to play the game without sacrificing myself. The other ones, they just have to have energy, they have to be persuasive, they have to be manipulative … They definitely gonna have to be trustworthy and once I tell them the fool-proof strategy, I’m sure they’ll be in.

Definitely want to have an older, more wise, somebody I can trust, somebody who’s married so I don’t have to worry about them getting jealous because of a showmance or them trying to hook up with somebody else.”

So there you have it. Keith is sure to win. We just wonder how his Angels will fare against Adam’s Angels.

“Big Brother 13” premieres Thursday night, July 7 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. Don’t forget to sign up for the live feeds%name 'Big Brother's' Keith Henderson has his entire game planned out so you don’t miss a moment of “Big Brother” this summer.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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