Jessica-Steele-Big-Hair-Alaska-Wasilla-Palin-TLC.jpgOn Tuesday, Sept. 20, TLC premieres the two-part special “Big Hair Alaska,” set inside the Beehive Beauty Shop in Wasilla, Alaska.

The small-town salon gained fame as the place where local resident Sarah Palin’s hairstyles and color got their start.

Shelby-Irsik-Big-Hair-Alaska.jpgBut it’s still Alaska, so in this Zap2it exclusive clip, a customer shares a terrifying tale of an encounter with a grizzly bear (don’t know if it was one of Palin’s famous “mama grizzlies”).

Owner Jessica Steele also discusses an injury that happened to her daughter, Shelby Irsik (at right) on March 6, when a sledding mishap left the 13-year-old with spinal injuries and internal bruising.

Fortunately, on Aug. 16, Steele posted on the Friends of Shelby Facebook page: “Shelby
started school today. 🙂 She was so excited!! She needs her cane to
help steady and support her walk, but she is walking! We are so proud of
all the work she has done all summer. Thank you for the prayers and
support all of you have given Shelby. We are so thankful.”

Take a look:

Posted by:Kate O'Hare