big love til death do us part 'Big Love' first look: 'Sexting' officially banished from Juniper Creek

Woe is the life of an Albyite.

We’re past the halfway point of the final season of “Big Love,” and the self-appointed prophet of Juniper Creek is really cracking down on his disciples.

This does not sit well with sister Nicki (Chlo� Sevigny), who goes down to the compound to talk some sense into her mother Adaleen (Mary Kay Place) in the Feb. 27 episode, “Til Death Do Us Part.”

Pushing that ominous title out of brains for just a moment, we have an exclusive clip from HBO, in which Adaleen illustrates how far off the deep end she’s really gone.

Spoiler alert. It includes what will likely be our favorite piece of dialogue of the night: “Your brother had cell phones banished. The children discovered something called ‘sexting.'”

Adaleen, we even love you when you’re crazy.

Brian Gross

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell