Billpaxton_biglove_240_2With the return of The Office, Ugly Betty and so many of my TV addictions, I thought I’d gotten past my resentment of the writers strike (though I fully supported it, don’t get me wrong). I’d let go of the sadness and was looking forward to Summer television… and then I realized that we will continue to feel the effects of the strike for some time. For me, the greatest annoyance is the postponement of Big Love season three, because this is a show that has added so much to my Summer schedule the last couple years. As of now, we won’t be chillin’ with Bill Henrickson and family till Winter, and that is just too long a wait. With this in mind, I went in search of a little intel on what the writers have planned for the premiere once it does come round. To tide you over…

Harrydeanstanton_biglove_240Roman Grant is going to trial for statutory rape, among other things: When the show returns, the Prophet (aka Nicki’s father) will be facing serious charges. His resourceful daughter, however, will somehow manage to adopt an alias and start working for the district attorney who’s prosecuting the case against him. Gotta love her.

Brucedern_biglove_240 Bill’s got a brother: Joining the show this year will be 16-year-old Franky, the son of Bill’s insufferable father and one of his many wives. Franky will get kicked out of the compound after getting caught with a girl who’s been promised to one of the dirty old–er, I mean elders, and he’ll turn to Bill for help and guidance.

Margene will assume the position of "social wife": Remember Weber gaming? Well, Bill hasn’t abandoned his gambling business dream. On the contrary, he’s thinking bigger this season and will team with Don to try and break ground on an Indian Reservation casino. And guess which one of his three gals will accompany him on business dinners to woo investing partners?

Ginnifergoodwin_jeannetripplehorn_2Barb’s cancer could return: There is a slight possibility that Barb may face more health issues, as we’ll see her visiting an oncologist early in the season.

Ana ain’t out of the picture: Bill’s favorite waitress, played by Branka Katic, will indeed be back and further complicate the life of our favorite polygamist family. However, sources tell me, when all is said and done, she won’t quite make it to wife status…

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh