When I arrived to do the press line prior to the panel, I was pleasantly surprised to see Harry Dean Stanton was there too, since Stanton's detestable Roman Grant character was seemingly killed off in the final moments of last month's third season finale.

But after speaking with just a few reporters, Stanton was ushered off and I was all, whaaa?

As soon as he took the Arclight Cineramadome stage though, it was obvious why.

His mouth.

Which I must say, I adore.

“I've gotten more response for ["Big Love"] than anything I've ever done… except for a couple hundred other movies," the acting legend grumbled. "I’m famous and a legend, and they kill me in the series, and

why?…Christ rose from the dead. And where do you go after you die? What

were you before you were born? I’m playing a patriarch and all … so

everything I do is ordained by God, and I’m a gangster, similar to "The

Sopranos" actually, and all religions are gangs to me and I have no

beliefs. I am nothing. But I mean that in a good way.”

Yes, Harry Dean Stanton seems to be a bit distraught over Roman Grant's demise. And it doesn't sound like we'll ever be seeing him again. "He's absolutely dead," co-creator Will Scheffer assured the audience of ardent fans. "This isn't one of those vampire shows," co-creator Mark V. Olsen said, adding that "Big Love" doesn't do flashbacks either.

Tripplehorn (Barb), too, talked during the panel about how pleased she was with the way season three turned out. "I was so nervous… I thought we were going to lose people," she said, explaining how she felt the audience wouldn't be able to keep up, because she was barely able to digest the amount of story the writers doled out in just ten episodes this year. "But this was the best season we've had," Tripplehorn declared.

"I hope y'all have another good season!," Harry Dean Stanton chimed in grumpily. "You're still alive. I'm f–kin' dead."

Huge laughs from the crowd followed.

No doubt another insanely good season is indeed on tap, with Mark and Will promising a myriad of exciting prospects, including…

The exploration of Alby's repressed sexuality. "We're getting out of the restrooms," said Will.

A banner year for Margene, who if Bill allows, could possibly become the next QVC queen. "She's found that she's really good at something… she can't stay baby doll forever," Mark explained.

A pretty big story for Lois (Grace Zabriskie), which could include her husband and perhaps a couple grandkids.

A power struggle on the compound, as Alby tries to fill some pretty big shoes, vacated by Roman of course.

"You're an ingrate," Harry Dean Stanton said to Matt Ross, who plays Alby.

The Church of Bill, which was established in the finale, will continue. "We're gonna take over the world," Paxton joked.

"What about me? I'm dead," HDS interjected.

And one huge story that will tie the entire family together. "I think we've found it," the creators said smiling. "One story to bring the entire family in…"

"But no Roman!," Stanton exclaimed.

"Mark, Will, Is there any way I can…," Stanton continued, in a slightly quieter tone.

"Look," said Will, "It's in God's hands."

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh