big sean nude pics getty Big Sean nude pics leak: Photo reveals a whole lotWhen will celebrities learn to crop their faces (and/or identifiable tattoos) out of their nude pics when they’re sexting? We’d say they shouldn’t sext at all, but with the influx of leaked photos these days, that appears far too much to ask.

The latest victim of a nude pic leak is Def Jam recording artist Big Sean, who convinced Kanye West to sign him after approaching him at a radio station and rapping for him as he made his way to the door. Though we can’t confirm if the photo actually is Sean, it sure looks like him.

The photo features a man who appears to be Big Sean in the typical pose — completely nude in a bathroom, taking a photo in the mirror. (Though, instead of using his trusty iPhone, he’s got a Toshiba laptop and a hand-held USB webcam.) The photos were first released by MediaTakeOut, but appear to have been removed by the site.

Let’s just say that if it is, indeed, Big Sean, he lives up to his nickname.

No response yet from his official Twitter.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie