Oh, Big Shots. How you frustrate me. Just when I thought certain plotlines were dead and buried, here you go resurrecting them like stupid, drunken frat guys in a cemetery on Halloween. Where’s Ash and his boomstick when you need him? At any rate, a whole lot of crazy stuff went down in this week’s episode. A whole lot. This is might take awhile…

Hail to the spoilers, baby.

Let’s start with James, who has the least frustrating storyline out of everyone tonight. So sad.

At the office, a male stripper is performing for Katie and a whole slew of employees (male and female) as her new boyfriend walks in – his name is Oliver Davenport. See, one of Katie’s old boyfriend’s sent her this embarrassingly large balloon bouquet so, every year, James does something grandiose to try and mortify her. Oliver wasn’t shocked or appalled and appeared to be cool with the reindeer games, thus getting James initial approval. It’s unfortunately not mutual because Katie kind of hates Alex (Elizabeth Rohm returns). While on a date that night, James mentions to Alex how the new dude seems to be a big improvement for Katie who never dates anyone good enough for her. Alex drops the "that’s because you guys are in love" thing, which James shrugs off. Then, he notices Oliver walking a woman to a cab…and he kisses her. In a way one wouldn’t kiss a relative. When telling the guys at the club what happened, Brody offers to get a private investigator contact to figure out what’s going on.

While James, Alex, Katie and Oliver go out on a double-date (which Katie only agreed to because Oliver said the same thing Alex said to James), James gets a phone call from the PI. Oliver is – drum roll please – married, and has been for seven years, and lives with his wife upstate. James cuts the night short, saying it was a work emergency, and breaks the news to Katie outside when they’re alone. Except Katie already knows. For shame. The next morning Katie comes to James’ office to talk to him, starting out by saying she already feels guilty without him saying anything. They get in a bit of an argument, him wondering why she has to date such losers and her stating that she’s tired of being alone and unable to find anyone she likes being with as much as James. And then he kisses her. And then she leaves because her mind is pretty much blown. The fallout to this ought to be interesting. I didn’t expect them to kiss this soon in the series, though there are clearly many more obstacles to overcome before they can get together (including his back-stabbing whore of a soon-to-be-ex-wife telling James that she’s pregnant next week). I’m also disappointed that the writers decided to have Katie knowingly date a married man. I know it was a device, a catalyst to get the "we love each in a romantic way but can’t admit it to each other yet" thing moving at a quicker pace but still…eh.

Now, on to Duncan’s plot, which started out good and ended all kinds of wrong.

Zack and Cam are talking and she convinces him to tell Duncan that he might be his dad sooner rather than later. This comes at a fairly inopportune time as Reveal is trying to land a lucrative deal with a company who’s President, named Nadia, is very conservative. The Board has voiced their concern about Duncan handling the account given his reputation. To ease their troubled minds, he tells them he’s going to bring Cam to present a "Happy Family" front. Right after Duncan tells Cam she’s coming with him to dinner with Nadia and the purpose of her coming, Zack comes in and they tell Duncan. Cam is skeptical, as is Duncan, until Zack jogs Duncan’s memory about his mother. They set up a blood test (blood drawn at Duncan’s thanks to a house call, which I’m pretty sure doesn’t happen anymore) and Zack offers to write up a dossier about Nadia and her company. Duncan tells him to go ahead and do it, which totally doesn’t sit well with Cam when she finds out the next morning since she offered to do the same thing and got turned down. At dinner with Nadia, Cam predictably retaliates by outing the reason Duncan invited her in an attempt to sink the deal. All seems lost until Nadia predictably leans over and tells Duncan he still has a shot at landing the account because she’s curious if his reputation as "the best one night stand in New York" is true. The only problem is, as they’re getting into their…show and tell session, she calls him a man-whore and that gives him pause. Turns out he’s not much of a man-whore anymore and he tells her he can’t go through with it.

Zack stops by with the dossier he worked up on Nadia shortly after and Duncan tells him that they lost the account and why, but thanks him for the work he did. After he leaves, Duncan calls Lizzie again (he called her after the blood test process started) and this time she picks up. She originally thinks he’s trying to win her back again, but he just wants to talk as friends. She agrees to meet him and is on her way out as Terrance shows up with flowers for her. Like a rocket scientist, she lies and says she’s going to show a house. Lizzie meets Duncan at a restaurant and they talk. She tells him that Cam is acting the way she is because she’s afraid she’s going to lose Duncan and he should reassure her that he’s not going anywhere. They continue to converse in a strictly platonic nature but it doesn’t look that way to Terrence, who followed Lizzie and is watching them from his car. Creepy much?  Back at the house, Lizzie lies to Terrence again and, after she leaves the room, he calls someone and tells them he’s willing to sell the information if they’re still interested. I don’t like the sound of that at all.

At the office the next morning, everyone is celebrating landing the account with Nadia. And how did that happen exactly? Why, because Zack slept with Nadia – he tells Duncan he did it because that’s what Duncan would do. Duncan didn’t look too happy about that. Seeing Cam nearby, he walks over and tells her that Zack won’t replace her and she says that’s not what she’s worried about, she’s worried he’ll like Zack more. He says that won’t happen and he takes her out for food to cement they’re new-found closeness. Later, at the golf club’s bar, the guys (and Cam) gather and see a TV news report about Duncan. Except it’s not about the account with Nadia, it’s about the whole Dontrelle situation. Crap on a stick. The next morning at work, everyone looks at Duncan judgmentally as he walks out of the board room towards Cam. They fired him, effective immediately and dammit this stupid solicitation storyline just won’t die. When Duncan comes back to Reveal (because I’m sure he will), all those people that looked at him funny are so fired.

Other Highlights & Tidbits:

  • Karl breaks down and agrees to try and make a baby with Marla the old-fashioned way. Except he just can’t go through with it. He tells Marla he’s going to tell Wendy about the affair but before he can, Marla tells Wendy that he had "performance issues" and couldn’t go through with it. Now Wendy wants to adopt. Why she didn’t just want to adopt in the first place is beyond me. Not that I’d ever be in a situation even remotely similar to this, but I don’t care how good a friend you are, my husband doesn’t get to have sex with you. If you’re friend enough to volunteer to give birth to my baby, you’re friend enough to put up with the needles, phobia be damned.
  • On the Brody front, he was in the episode a whole lot more this episode than he was in the last. He had to deal with his shrew of a father-in-law who, two minutes after arriving at the golf club, insulted all the guys and drove them away. During the round of golf, he asked Brody to make the introduction speech for this award he was getting (that’s why he was in town). Brody was touched until BeelzeDad told him he was a last resort. This man is a truly heinous individual – kudos to the writers and the actor who played him. Brody manages to pull a glowing speech full of praise and sunshine out of his ass and it goes over great with everyone…except the father-in-law. He insults Brody more and, after BeelzeDad infers that Jenelle is Brody’s beard, Brody lays into him something fierce. I really enjoyed the rant, actually. The only problem is that dad-in-law chooses that moment to collapse, possibly having a heart attack. In the ambulance Brody becomes all super-nice again and asks him not to tell Jenelle, which BeelzeDad agrees to and says that he owns Brody now. Boo. I know part of his character revolves around the hack marriage jokes and stereotypical in-law woes, but can that not be the case all the time? It’s quite irritating that Brody’s miserable pretty much all the time.

Favorite Quotes:

  • "You have the strangest little life." Duncan to Karl after learning about the whole baby situation
  • "Now I feel guilty about thinking your girlfriend’s a bitch. Just kidding." – Katie after James tells her Oliver may not suck
  • "The best way to diffuse the situation is for him to see you happy with your bitchy girlfriend." – Katie to James regarding the double date

Exchange of the Night:

  • Cam – "Pretending to be my half-brother is quite an elaborate rejection. You could’ve just said you liked guys."
  • Zack – "Eh, you would’ve tried to turn me."

How long until Duncan gets his job back? Will Katie break up with Married Guy? And how espectacular is the fallout going to be when Lizzie finds out Terrence leaked that story?

Posted by:Tamara Brooks