Nothing says "we’re sorry your personal life if falling apart" like a leased Ferrari and a party full of vapid 22-year-olds. Tonight on Big Shots, offers are made, offers are refused and everyone gets a second chance at doing something. And Paul Blackthorne doesn’t get enough screen-time for my liking.


There was much less of the Prostitute Problem this episode, thankfully. I know that this is the big plot of the season, but honestly, it’s only the third episode and I’m tiring of it already. I think a much more interesting way of keeping Dontrell around would be to completely put to rest the whole solicitation thing and have a twist where she becomes one of the new spokes-models for Reveal Cosmetics. That way, she still gets to be in episodes (because really, I missed her tonight) and the boys still get to crack on Duncan about it without having to squeeze a few extra twists out of an already well-wrung plot device. But maybe that’s just me.

The one big thing that happened in relation to Duncan’s solicitation issue was the fact that he gave Dontrell Brody’s name, which is in the little black book the police confiscated during her arrest. Of course Brody goes into  Damage Control Mode and talks to a contact at the station to get it back. Unfortunately, the only bribe the officer is willing to take is for his daughter become the new face of Reveal’s Junior Line. Of course the girl ends up being less Supermodel and more Supernormal. Her photo shoot was terrible – kudos to the actress for playing it at just the right level to be funny instead of sad. But naturally, after all that, the address book ends up disappearing from the evidence locker before the officer can get it. So…this accursed storyline goes on.

James gets the other big plot this week as he begins to accept the fact that he’s single again, with surprisingly detrimental help from his friends. First, they lease him a mid-life-crisis-mobile, which one of the moms at school calls him out on when he goes to pick up his kids in it. Her name is Sarah Cross and she can relate because she’s divorced too. She throws him the digits and says to give her a call if he ever needs to talk. Or make-out. Or both.

Next, they throw him a Re-Bachelor Party at Duncan’s ridiculously huge apartment. He walks out with one of the girls and when he walks her to her apartment, she whips out a roll of condoms from her purse. James is a little put off by this and doesn’t sleep with her, much to the dismay of the guys. But I can totally understand. I mean, having protection is one thing but looking like you’re ready to entertain a platoon is another. So James ends up having dinner with Sarah and kissing her…but he’s totally not ready. He admits it and she says, "I was kind of hoping you’d wait to say that until the morning." Props to whoever wrote that line.

Karl’s wife is upset and Marla comes over to console her. Wendy admits that she suspects Karl is cheating so she hired a PI to follow him. The investigator gave her a flash-drive full of pictures but isn’t ready to look at them yet and hides them. Thanks to Marla actually paying attention to what Wendy says, they find it and Karl gives the drive to poor, overworked Brody at the party to look at. The pictures end up being of nothing – he’s getting his palms read. But there are also pictures of him with his secretary. They weren’t involved or anything but Karl’s freak-out about Marla being jealous of the secretary and in turn telling Wendy about their affair leads to my favorite line of the night, courtesy of Brody: "Seriously, what did your mother do to you?" Brody gets the pictures doctored but there’s a slight problem…the lady in the pictures was replaced by a guy, which leads Wendy to conclude that Karl is gay. I didn’t exactly expect that. Touche, writers. Just don’t ride this plot turn too long. It could get old real quick.

Other Highlights & Tidbits

  • Terrance Hill offers Cam a job, promising her a Jr. Exec position in 6 months. She ends up turning it down, choosing to remain loyal to her father. Duncan, in exchange, will throw a little more responsibility her way. I like the way their relationship is slowly developing. They still butt heads but you can tell they like each other and their touching moments aren’t gag-inducing or unrealistic in context.
  • Speaking of Cameron, she ends up catching Duncan and Elizabeth right before an encore of an afternoon tryst. She’s upset with her mom for getting involved with him again and they argue in the elevator. Elizabeth proclaims, "I’m an grown woman…and if I want to have sex with your father, I will." Which is fine, except an old lady ends up getting on the elevator right at that moment. Cam quietly declares, "Awkward." Indeed.
  • While we’re talking about Duncan and Elizabeth, the other big development is Duncan taking the big leap into pursuing and actual relationship with her. During his confrontation with Hill about going after cam, Terrence told Duncan that he’d end up messing things up with Elizabeth. Only time will tell, of course, but I’d prefer it actually working if for no other reason than conventional writing dictates it won’t and there’s quite enough conventional writing going on, thank you very much.
  • Nialong3_bigshots_abc__abc_240_2
    Nia Long, again, is one of my favorite parts of the show. I really do like her character and the subtleties she works into her conversations with Michael Vartan. For example, when James is talking about how Sarah Cross gave him her phone number, there’s a brief pause where she processes the information. I totally know that pause. It’s the pause that happens when someone you’re attracted to, but not necessarily pursuing, tells you about someone else. It’s not like you’re upset…it’s more that you’re a little disappointed, even though you have no real design on the person. Great moment. Also, her little giggle after making fun of him for sounding like he could be on The View was enjoyable.
  • And since we’re talking about enjoyable, let’s throw Christopher Titus into the conversation. Granted, they’re still giving him hack marriage jokes, but he really is working the hell out of them. Also, his reactions are really good – they don’t seem forced or staged at all, which can be a difficult thing given the material. I’d like him to get a solid storyline as long as it doesn’t mess up his mojo.
  • One last note: I’d like to thank all the guys on the cast for looking good without their shirts on. Good on you.
Posted by:Tamara Brooks