This week on Big Shots, a big development with James and Katie, we get to see Brody do his job, Karl’s unfortunate triangle returns, and Duncan ducks a major crisis. Oh, and someone may be dead.

Spoilers below!

Now that Katie and James are a thing, Brody suggests he covers their professional butts – meaning they go to their Human Resources department and sign documents that prove their relationship is consensual. James smartly brings it up with Katie the next morning in her office but Katie kind of likes keeping the whole thing underwraps as it makes things spicier. After a meeting later that day, an underling named Kevin approaches James who’s walking with Katie. When James mentions how Katie saved Kevin’s butt by going through his books and accounting for $2 million dollars that wasn’t accounted for, Kevin takes offense and makes a rude comment. James is about to come to her defense but she says she can handle it, and she does by verbally smacking Kevin down for being a slacker douchebag. This backfires on them both because shortly after the incident, Kevin sees them making out in a meeting room. It just so happens to be the week of employee reviews and, as a courtesy, James calls Kevin into his office the next day to give him a heads up that the missing $2 million will come up and he’ll need to explain the situation. As Kevin is a douchebag, he tells James that if his review is less than stellar, he’ll narc on him to the Board. James doesn’t really appreciate this and welcomes Kevin to try it because the Board will probably care more about how someone can lose $2 million.

James tells Katie what happened and she agrees to go to HR and get the papers by the end of the day. Cut to the next day and Katie is sitting in her office, staring at the consensual relationship form. It’s filled out and all she has to do is sign it. Before she has a chance, a female co-worker comes in and laments about how much she hates performance reviews, adding that Katie surely has nothing to worry about. When Katie asks why she’d say something like that, she responds that everyone knows that James is wrapped around her finger. The co-worker leaves and Katie doesn’t look so happy about what she heard and stares at the form once more. She goes into James’ office and when he asks her to take a look at a file, she says no much to his surprise. What surprises him even more is that Katie has come in to call their thing off. She’s worked too hard to have it all undermined by an unrelated relationship. James says he understands and both wonder what it says about them to sacrifice happiness with someone for the sake of their careers. Agreeing that while it’ll be weird despite how great it was dating, they’ll still be friends. Moments later (or the next day, I’m not exactly sure) James approaches Kevin the Slacker Douchebag and tells him that he won’t have to worry about his review…because he’s fired. Oh, and look…here are two security guards to escort you out. Peace! Once again, Michael Vartan and Nia Long display what great on-screen chemistry they have. It sucks that they have to break up so soon after starting, and under these circumstances, but this is a soap opera. There’s no way it’s going to be so easy this early on in the series.

Brody actually had a separate little storyline this week, thankfully. He’s been looking into expanding his crisis management services into the world of atheletes and has his chance to do so with Gary, a baseball player with impulse-control issues. By saving Gary from getting a parking ticket, and possibly a punch in the mouth by the cop, Brody gets hired on the spot. The cop ends up giving the ticket to Brody (as he’s already started writing) and it’s already shaping up to being more trouble than it’s worth. And oh, it really is too much trouble. Soon, Gary is constantly calling Brody to do stuff for him and disrupting his plans. On the way to meet Jenelle, Gary calls and says that he’s drunk – at 5:30pm – and needs Brody to drive him home, making a not-so-veiled threat to fire him if he doesn’t show up. However, when Brody shows, all of a sudden Gary wants a wingman so he can land some floozy he’s doing body shots off of. Ridiculous things like this go on all week, to the point that Jenelle locks Brody out of the house because he’s hardly ever home.

The final straw comes when Gary calls and Brody doesn’t answer. As it turns out, this is the one time The Assclown Who Cried Wolf was actually in trouble. Meeting him at lunch the next day, Brody blames his cell phone service and assures him that the photos of the incident (getting in a fight with the husband of a woman Gary slept with) will stay out of the tabloids. Gary then says the $200,000 he was going to pay for services rendered should be equal to the hush money. Brody advises he should honor they’re agreement as he wouldn’t want to sue and Gary agrees – it would be bad PR for Brody to sue his clients. Gary then leaves, sticking Brody with the bill. It was interesting to see Brody doing his own thing and would like more of that. I also want to see some revenge enacted on Gary because he deserves it. And I want to see it next week. Make it so!

So Karl’s tired storyline rears its ugly head once again. When he comes home from work, his wife tells him that Marla is pregnant and he understandably freaks a bit. He’s relieved but stil suspicous when she tells him that Marla’s ex is the father because he thought they’d broken up long before. And by "long before" he means before they started their affair. He brings it up with Marla later and she assures him that, not only is the baby the ex’s, she’s also moving out. Karl is super happy about that…until he talks to the other guys and realizes she’d have to be 5 months pregnant at this point if she was telling the truth. Karl calls the car dealership where the ex works and finds out that he hadn’t see Marla since the affair. Which means Karl is really the baby’s father. That sure beats waiting until it was born and find out on Maury Povich. He confronts Marla about it and she finally admits the truth. Karl is angry because he deserved to know about his own child and says they need to tell Wendy about it. Marla doesn’t want to because it’ll hurt Wendy plus she’ll lose her best friend. As they argue back and forth, Wendy walks in and asks, "We should tell Wendy what?" This is clearly not going to end well for anyone. There’s still a chance the kid belongs to that dude Karl set her up with a few episodes ago and then this whole stupid storyline will end. It’s probably not going to happen, but a girl can dream.


I saved the best part for last. Duncan sees Lizzie in a restaurant and sits and talks to her. She’s waiting for a real estate dude to sell her business, which was Terrence’s idea so she could travel with him. Duncan gets mad and makes all these comments about how Terrence is predictable and they get in a mini-fight and she calls him equally predictable for drowning his sorrows in young, blank models. Which he is. This sub-plot is wrapped up with him going after an older woman who he’s attracted to after this tart he’s with makes him feel…disconnected. Essentially it’s his Manwhore Epiphany of the Week. but that’s unimportant. The important part is that one of Reveal’s face products causes an allergic reaction in part of the country. Duncan tells his Right Hand Man to pull the products from the shelves and contact the plant responsible to find out what happened. Terrence walks in at this point and tries to tell Duncan that he shouldn’t do that. When Duncan shuts him down and guarantees the stock won’t drop more than $1 a share, Terrence holds him to that and says he’ll take the heat if it does. A news story comes on the next day with a bunch of mothers talking about how their daughters got rashes because of the tainted product and could not go to their Prom because of it. To combat the negative PR, Duncan meets up with the head mother (the one he hooks up with later) and gives her an offer, later holding a press conference and announcing that Reveal will host another Prom for these girls and their school and give them all goody bags. That night Terrence calls Duncan at the office and tells him that the stock fell a little over a dollar, and if that happens again he’s fired. Right Hand Man then informs Duncan that a guy known for handling Terrence’s finances has been calling around and offering to buy up stock if it drops more…meaning there’s a quiet take-over afoot. When Duncan sees Lizzie and tells her what’s been going on, she sticks up for Terrence and they have a big fight. Later at home, Lizzie asks if Terrence is trying to take-over and then sell Reveal and he admits to it before shouting at her for talking to Duncan and not asking her husband directly. Stating she should go before one of them says something they can’t take back, Lizzie grabs her keys and gives Terrence one last angry glare before she leaves.

During the course of this, Duncan’s been visiting Zack who is alive and not entirely well. He’s in Bellevue under suicide watch. The first time Duncan sees him, they talk a little bit about how Terrence is up to no good and Zack jokingly offers to kill him as he has the insanity defense clearly established. Duncan just tells him to concentrate on getting well. The next visit comes after Zack breaks into the facility’s pharmacy. Duncan is very concerned but Zack assures him that it was strictly for a high and not another attempt to put his lights out. He also calls Duncan "Dad" and thanks him for visiting since his mom won’t. When Duncan says to the effect, "Isn’t she dead?" Zack responds, "That’s no excuse." Before leaving, Zack ernestly and creepily tells Duncan that he’d do anything to help him out. Duncan just tells him to get better and finally realizes that…um…Zack is officially and completly off his rocker. The next day, Duncan gets a call from Bellevue telling him that Zack’s gone missing.

Cut to Lizzie pulling up in her car on a street and honking at Terrence. She waves at him smiling and he smiles back as this signifies them making up. He walks up to the car and before he can open the door, a figure stands to the side and holds a gun. It’s Zack. And he shoots Terrence, who falls to the ground. Lizzie gets out of the car. Zack turns the gun on her but then takes off running. Lizzie runs over to the bleeding Terrence and yells for help, holding him in her arms. Aaaaaaaand…scene.

Quotes of the Night:
"Even the question was predictible." Brody to Duncan when he asks if he’s predictible
"He’s like the Energizer Bunny except he runs on Long Island Iced Tea." – Brody about Gary’s stamina

Okay, so how great was Crazy Zack? I think the turn-around on the character was a little quick, but I still enjoyed it. Was shooting Terrence too predictable? I figure he’ll be in a coma rather than dead because that serves as more of an obstacle to her reuniting with Duncan. I’m going to really miss Paul Blackthorne either way. What say you? And where’s Cam during all this? Should Katie and James have spent one more episode together before having to break it off? Did I miss your favorite part or quote?

Posted by:Tamara Brooks