big tips texas cast 'Big Tips Texas' stars Typhani and Morgan talk MTV's newest reality show with heart

MTV’s newest hard-partying reality series sets itself apart from the rest because of the heart at its center.

“Big Tips Texas” documents the lives of a group of fun-loving girlfriends working at popular Texas bar Redneck Heaven, and cast members Typhani and Morgan promise there is more to their show than just fights and drama. “A lot of other reality shows rely on cat fights and feuding to draw in viewers whereas our show, yes we have drama, but there’s also a lot of heart that goes into it,” Typhani, the manager of Redneck Heaven, tells Zap2it. “It makes it really relatable instead of just cat fights all the time.”

Morgan agrees, adding that the girls’ diverse backgrounds are also interesting to see. “The cast members are so different and I think that viewers will be able to relate to at least one cast member,” Morgan says. “We all have such different backgrounds and different stories.”

Morgan herself has a unique background as a barrel racer. “I was raised in the country but we moved to the city when I was a little bit older,” Morgan says. “When I was 18 I moved to a ranch and I’m a huge animal lover. Stay tuned for my barrel racing because I may or may not enter my first rodeo!”

Though “Big Tips Texas” doesn’t rely on drama to lasso viewers, expect to see some cat fights between the girls. “There’s definitely a lot of drama that comes with working with 10 girls all day and it changes day to day,” Morgan teases. “Things happen that you get annoyed with.”

Typhani, the boss of all the girls, hates to see the drama but understands why it happens. “It happens with all my redneck girls,” Typhani says. “You put girls that are that bubbly and that rambunctious that are all used to being the center of attention up against each other there is definitely going to be a handful of drama. We struggle with the divide between the newbies and the vets, and that wears on me. If I could get the new girls to be adopted into the sisterhood more quickly instead of worrying about competition or trying to prove that they’re better than the girls who have been there longer, that would be good.”

Morgan, a newbie, gets herself into trouble because she doesn’t see herself as a new girl. “I come in acting like I know everything already,” she laughs. That attitude angers the veteran girls … and one in particular: Amber. In the premiere, viewers will see their conflict come to blows. “That definitely continues throughout the season. We just have such different personalities and we’re both so headstrong, that we butt heads,” Morgan reveals. “It’s like a sisterhood. You go to work not thinking that it’s work, you’re just hanging out with your girlfriends. The drama gets old sometimes but at the end of the day you do care for every single one of the girls.”

For her part, Typhani is doing her best to bridge the gap between the newbies and the vets, and viewers will see that play out all season. “We do a ton of fun activities to bridge that gap,” Typhani says. “You’ll have to watch the show to see how I push these girls to the limit. I definitely come up with scenarios to connect them.”

“Big Tips Texas” premieres Wednesday, Oct. 9 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum