bigfoot Bigfoot captured on film in North Carolina?Bigfoot, or “Knobby” as he’s apparently known in some parts of the country, is reportedly alive and well and living in North Carolina. Or, rather, slinking across a road for the benefit of video-camera equipped travelers of rural roads.

N.C. resident Thomas Byers claims to have shot a five-second clip of what appears to be a large, fuzzy creature — or, say, Chewbacca — crossing a road near the town of Bostic.

Byers and a friend were driving along, he writes on a website devoted to the incident, when they both saw “a large upright brown furry animal between six and seven feet come up out of the field beside the road” before running “across the road in front of the pick up truck we were in.”

“I jumped from the truck with a small video camera and started shooting a video of the Big Foot as it ran across the road in front of the truck and into the thick woods and road side brush on the side of the road in front of the truck,” Byers continues.

And was this alleged Bigfoot friendly and, like, showered?

“One thing I know is the smell of it was horrid,” writes Byers. “It smelled like a cross between road kill and a skunk. And it did not like the fact that I was there on the road with it. In the video you can hear it snarl or growl at me as it crosses the road.”

A cross beteen road kill and a skunk? Perhaps a skunk that was roadkill? And as for that snarl? We remain skeptical. More than anything, it sounds like an out-of-shape human in a gorilla suit panting as he drags his furry self across the road yet again after who knows how many takes.

Still, perhaps this second video — on which Byers and his friend can be heard discussing the sighting (“I still see it up yonder,” says Byers on the footage) will convince us:

This isn’t the first time Knobby’s been spotted in the vicinity. In 2009, the large furry enigma reportedly made several appearances in Cleveland County, N.C., prompting a flurry of attention and at least one resident to start packing heat:

Minnie, an 88-year-old woman who became the first to let her story be
known, is so terrified of what may be lurking outside her front door
that she won’t talk to a visitor unless she’s been forewarned of his
arrival by her son, Elbert, or daughter-in-law, Ruby. Each time Minnie
goes outside the house, Ruby said, she carries a rifle.

No wonder he growled.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson