biggest loser finale season 14 'Biggest Loser: Challenge America' winner: Danni Allen, Jeff Nichols or Jackson Carter, who took home the prize?It’s time for “The Biggest Loser” to be crowned for Season 14 of the popular NBC weight loss show.

Coming into the finale, the final two contestants were Danni Allen of Wheeling, IL (above, right) and Jeff Nichols of Monroe, MI (above, left). America got to vote between the two participants who fell below the yellow line at the last weigh-in — Jackson Carter and Joe Ostaszewski — for which one of them got to be the third finalist eligible to win the quarter-million dollar grand prize.

During the live finale, Jackson and Joe were reunited when the results were read. The emotions were palpable as Jackson Carter was announced as the third finalist, receiving high fives from Joe, who was still eligible for the $100,000 at-home prize.

However, when the final at-home results were revealed, Gina McDonald took home the at-home prize, dropping from 245 pounds to 132 pounds, or just over 46 percent of her starting weight. Second place was Lisa Rambo, who went from 246 pounds to 238 pounds, or nearly 44 percent of her starting weight.

At the final weigh-in, Jackson went from 328 pounds to 190 pounds, or just over 42 percent of his starting weight. Jeff went from 388 pounds to 207 pounds, or 46.65 percent of his starting weight. Danni went from 258 pounds to 137 pounds, or 46.90 percent of her starting weight.

Which means that by one pound, Danni Allen is the Biggest Loser.

Also revealed at the final weigh-in was the past contestant who gets to star in a Subway commercial with Jared Fogle and winner Danni. That viewers’ choice contestant is Courtney Crozier from Season 11.

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