ruben studdard returns biggest loser 'Biggest Loser': Ruben Studdard back, Bob Harper uses the saveRuben Studdard returned to “The Biggest Loser” Tuesday (Nov. 19) after a controversial rule-breaking charge for Jillian Michaels and the White Team. But Michaels was only looking forward this week.

“Hit after hit after hit, week after week after week, I have to get
these guys centered and focused. We’ve gotta step it up, we’ve gotta
work a little bit harder, we’ve gotta focus on the bigger picture,” says Michaels, because her team is down to only three members.

Meanwhile, the Red Team was celebrating Ruben’s return and their first challenge win.

“For the first time, we’ve got this mentality that we’re winners. One win is great but a second win is a streak and we wanna have a streak,” says David. Rachel adds, “We’re a big family and I don’t want to see any one of us go home.”

Later in the episode, Ruben got to take a special trip to music producer David Foster’s house. Could that be the reason for Ruben’s elimination to be invalidated, perhaps? Food for thought.

At the weigh-in, the White Team was safe with a loss of 22 pounds, leaving the Blue Team’s 27 pounds against the Red Team needing to lose 26 pounds (five or so pounds apiece). While Ruben has lost eight pounds, the girls lag a little and it comes down to David needed to have lost more than seven.

But he absolutely smokes it, having lost 17 pounds this week. Wow. So it’s time for the Blue Team to send someone home and Matt Hooper is the team member with the lowest percentage. However, trainer Bob Harper decides to use his trainer save on Matt, despite saying that he was kind of saving it for Chelsea Arthurs.

So, the teams remain the same this week. What did you think of Ruben’s return?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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