bikini onesie baby bon bebe Bikini onesie for babies: Sick or silly?A baby onesie depicting a curvy female body wearing a strapless red polka-dotted bikini is sparking outrage among some Mississippi parents, according to WMC-TV.

The Bon Bebe onesie, which is supposed to give the illusion that the baby is donning the bikini — and the curves, is currently sold at Gordmans in Southhaven, Miss. And while the department store and the manufacturer haven’t commented on the item, several parents certainly have, calling it “inappropriate” and “vulgar” in WMC-TV’s story and its comments. While others felt these parents were overreacting to what was meant to be a joke.

Sexualization of young girls in pop culture is unfortunately nothing new — “Toddlers & Tiaras,” anyone? — and actually, neither is this bikini onesie (just do a Google shopping search). But does that necessarily make it funny or OK? And since adults are presumably the ones buying the onesies, isn’t it up to them to not create a demand for items like this by not purchasing them?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper