bill maher 2011 getty Bill Maher says Barack Obama 'could lose election'“Real Time” TV talker Bill Maher says Barack Obama could lose the 2012 presidential eleciton and that’s why he made a whopping $1 million donation to Obama’s reelection Super PAC.

Maher tells the Los Angeles Times he made the decision after attending a few Grammy parties and hearing people say Obama would win with ease.

“All the liberals were talking about how the election is in the bag for Obama,” Maher says.”He could absolutely lose. It’s a different world than it was in 2008. We live in the age of the Super PACs. Unless the rich liberals get into the game, Obama will be horribly outspent. If if he is outspent, he stands a good chance of losing.”

Maher added that he also donated out of fear that Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum could end up on the Republican ticket and win the presidency.

“For me this hurts,” Maher says, implying his bank account is hardly on par with an A-lister’s. “I’m not the kind of person who can toss around that kind of money and not feel it.”

On Friday (Feb. 24), Maher tweeted, “Going out to dinner with friends – after yesterday, I hope they know SOMEBODY ELSE PICK UP THE CHECK!!!”

Luckily he’s still bringing home a paycheck. “Real Time with Bill Maher” returns to HBO on March 2.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson