bill maher getty Bill Maher to 'Elle' on Ann Coulter, tongue piercings and John Edwards' sex scandalBill Maher opens up to “Elle” magazine about a variety of things, pulling absolutely no punches. Our favorite part? Regarding political sex scandals, Maher says, “And why did they get drummed out? Because they got their winkie dinks caught in the cookie jar. So what!”

Winkie dinks caught in the cookie jar? Ouch.

On his verbal sparring partner Ann Coulter:
Believe me, I have never slept with Ann Coulter. I couldn’t go to bed
with someone as politically abhorrent. First of all, conservatives are
conservative sexually, and I don’t think they even have casual sex. I
have no idea how James Carville and Mary Matalin do it.

]]>On body piercings:
No, I like piercings. I find them sexy almost everywhere they are. And if you’ve never been b***n by a girl with a tongue ring, you’re missing something. There’s just something about metal. On which male celeb’s mad skillz he is in awe of:
Warren Beatty was the hardest-working. If he wanted to get a woman, he’d just work at it endlessly. He never acted like he was great looking, rich, or famous, which of course he was. He acted like a guy who had to work really hard. Check out the full interview over at Elle’s website Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Facebook and follow Zap2it Andrea on Twitter for the latest celebrity news and buzz More political dish John Edwards admits he’s the baby daddy
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