bill murray kickball Bill Murray continues to be awesome, crashes NYC kickball game

Even when you’re playing kickball, you’re not safe from Bill Murray.

The “Life Aquatic” actor has read poetry to construction workers and crashed random karaoke parties, and now he’s joining New York City athletic teams. A group of New Yorkers were playing a game of kickball on Roosevelt Island on Sunday when Murray “popped out of nowhere” and joined in the game.

An image of Murray with the team went viral after CollegeHumor’s Marina Cockenberg posted it to her personal Tumblr. It turns out that it’s her friend Chris DiLella who’s on the team, and he detailed to Entertainment Weekly what his experience was like with the Oscar-nominated actor.

“He was bouncing the ball… ran over to second base. Played for a bit… Gave us all high-fives and let us pose with him in the picture,” DiLella says. Apparently Murray then ran over to one of the players’ mothers — the woman who took the picture — and “picked her up in his arms.” He then left the park with three young boys who likely were his three sons. Now we’re officially jealous: What do we have to do for a chance to get Murray-fied?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz