bill murray crying baby tumblr Bill Murray reacting to a crying baby is too awesome for words

There’s little doubt that Bill Murray may be one of the coolest movie stars on the planet and a new photo floating around Tumblr goes out of the way to prove that. The picture shows Murray posing with a fan and their child, but one of the three is not happy to be there.
The photo comes from a Tumblr called “Reasons My Son is Crying,” a photo-sharing account with a simple mission: To document “all the many, many completely logical reasons that children cry.” In this particular photo a baby looks to be wailing as he poses with Murray. Of course, never one to be upstaged, Murray cries right back and creates the perfect photo.
Why is the kid crying, though? The site seems to think the answer is simple. “He met Bill Murray.” They’re not wrong, meeting Bill Murray would be enough to make some adults cry. After all, he was in “Ghostbusters.”
Bill has made a whole new name for himself in recent years, as a guy who just likes to have fun. It was last October when he materialized in New York City, joining a kickball game out of the blue. Now, if they could just get him to read the “Ghostbusters 3” script.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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