bill oreilly killing jesus gi Bill O'Reilly defends 'Killing Jesus' being inspired by holy spirit

Bill O’Reilly‘s latest stop on his “Killing Jesus” promotional tour is “Rachael Ray’s” kitchen. While chatting with Rachael, he took the chance to defend a statement he made on CBS’ “60 Minutes.”
O’Reilly came under fire for telling the news program, he was directed to write his historical best-seller by “the holy spirit.” But the Fox News anchor tells Ray that’s just a basic tenet of his religion. 
“Catholics and Christians believe there’s an interactive God,” says O’Reilly. “[Who] pays attention to all of us, and that the inspiration you get comes from. So I just said that on ’60 Minutes.'”
After receiving criticism from atheists for the remark, O’Reilly says, “If God really had infused me with power, I would have turned them into stone. But I can’t do that.”

The author also insists, “There’s no religion in the book. It’s just history. Jesus was a human being.” O’Reilly tells Ray the name “Christ” is never used, since that denotes the Messiah. But he says for that, he received criticism from “fanatical”  religious people, telling him he’s going to hell.
Check out a clip from the “Rachael Ray” interview here, and the “60 Minutes” piece below:

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