bill oreilly maureen mcphilmy divorce custody Bill O'Reilly divorce and custody drama, according to Gawker reportGawker is making some interesting assertions regarding TV pundit Bill O’Reilly‘s divorce and custody proceedings between himself and ex-wife Maureen McPhilmy.

The two separated in 2010 and McPhilmy subsequently began seeing a Nassau County detective, to whom she is now married. The real battle has begun over custody of the former couple’s two children, ages 10 and 13, though Gawker alleges McPhilmy is also being chastised by the Catholic church.

According to documents obtained by Gawker where the parties are listed as “Anonymous 1” and “Anonymous 2,” which Gawker says are documents about the O’Reilly custody battle, the documents say that a woman was appointed by the court to be a neutral mediator in the custody case, but that O’Reilly allegedly began employing the court-appointed arbiter as a member of his household staff — essentially making her a nanny to his children and paying her a six-figure salary.

Gawker also claims that the Catholic Church has been formally reprimanding McPhilmy for continuing to take communion at her church even though she has been divorced and remarried. The reprimand also allegedly told her to stop telling her children that her second marriage is valid in the eyes of God.

Furthermore, Gawker claims to have learned that O’Reilly is seeking an annulment of his first marriage — the marriage to McPhilmy that produced two children.

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