bill oreilly david letterman late show cbs Bill O'Reilly reveals David Letterman's charity, talks Washington Redskins controversy on 'Late Show'Bill O’Reilly visited David Letterman on Wednesday’s (Oct. 16) episode of CBS’ “Late Show” to ostensibly promote his new book, “Killing Jesus,” but in the process, the Fox News host revealed a charitable side to Letterman that the late night host would have rather kept hidden.

Transitioning from talk of his book to talk of his work with U.S. veterans, O’Reilly said, “We’re all sinners, but I want to tell the audience you did a nice thing.” He went on to explain his work with The Independence Fund, which works to help severely injured veterans of the War on Terror regain their independence. Part of the organization’s work is providing these veterans with track chairs, which allow the injured soldiers to move about on all terrains. They aren’t cheap, however.

During his explanation, O’Reilly revealed that Letterman had purchased a $15,000 track chair for a veteran in need. Letterman, true to form, deflected the praise, telling O’Reilly, “It’s more you than me, for heaven’s sake.”

O’Reilly replied, “But you did it, and the baby Jesus liked it,” referring to an earlier joke about his book.

Not only did O’Reilly discuss his charitable work, but he opened up on his opinion regarding the Washington Redskins name controversy. “Number one, we live in a politically correct country now, so that’s what’s driving this,” he told Letterman when asked. “I’d like to see the team change its name, too, to the Washington Chaos.”

After a bit of debate with Letterman in which the host argued on behalf of the aggrieved Native Americans, O’Reilly said, “They have the right to say it, but they can’t force anybody [to change it].”

Do you think the Redskins ought to change their name?

Posted by:Billy Nilles