bill oreilly tonight show with jay leno rob ford obamacare gi Bill O'Reilly: Rob Ford, Obamacare and elections on 'The Tonight Show'

Bill O’Reilly was a guest on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” on Friday (Nov. 15). Although there to promote his new book, “Killing Jesus,” O’Reilly mostly talked about what he usually talks about: politics. He and Jay Leno managed to work in Obamacare, Rob Ford and even the 2016 elections during a short interview.

Shocking to absolutely no one, O’Reilly did not proclaim himself to be a fan of Obamacare. He used his normal buzzwords like “self-reliant” and “nanny state” in describing all of the reasons the new healthcare system is likely to fail. But the conservative pundit and TV host also threw in a few pointed and nasty jabs.

For one thing, the entire nation of France should be offended right now: “You’ve got to wait for eight years if you want to get your eyes checked in France,” O’Reilly half-joked. “Lot of blind people in France!”

(Note: This is not true. This is hyperbole. The entire population of France is not blind.)

Getting more personal, O’Reilly turned to one of the least-liked people in America, Kathleen Sebelius, Obama’s Secretary of Health and Human Services. She’s getting a lot of the blame (justly or not) for the Obamacare issues. And O’Reilly is very much not letting her off-the-hook: “Sebelius should not only be fired, she should be deported,” he told Leno. “It’s like hiring a seven year old to run the Los Angeles Dodgers.”

Moving onto (believe it or not) less-controversial issues, O’Reilly and Leno then talked about the 2016 election. As far as the Democrats are concerned, “If Mrs. Clinton wants it, she’ll get it,” O’Reilly asserted. The Republicans, however, were another matter to the man, calling the race “wide open.” Neither New Jersey’s Chris Christie nor members of the Tea Party seemed to be certain picks to Bill O’Reilly.

Because every interview on “The Tonight Show” needs at least a little all-inclusive fun, Leno got O’Reilly to pick on Toronto mayor Rob Ford. “I think he got hit in the head with too many pucks up there,” O’Reilly laughed when speaking of the crack-smoking politician. “He’s smoking crack, and he’s the mayor of one of the country’s biggest cities!”

(Note: Toronto is actually Canada’s largest city, ahead of Montreal and Vancouver in terms of population.)

Posted by:Laurel Brown