bill rancic Bill Rancic dishes on his new show, 'America Now'On Monday (Sept. 12), Bill Rancic and Leeza Gibbons make their debut as hosts of “America Now,” a news-you-can-use magazine show in the style of “PM Magazine.”

Last week, we talked to Rancic — a TV vet who co-stars on both “The Apprentice” and his own reality show with wife (and E! host) Giuliana Rancic — about the new show, his other latest venture and — oddly — how to survive a dog attack.

Tell us about “America Now”:

It’s different than most shows out there because it’s a show that gives solutions to the problems. That’s the thing about a lot of these show’s today — all they do is talk about the problems in the world and what’s going on. What I love about “America Now” is that we do present people with different problems, but we provide them with solutions.

In the past you’ve been a bit more focused on business and entrepreneurship, with “The Apprentice” and your book. Was it easy to transition into more of a consumer-focused project?

You know, for me it was. I did a little stint on a show called “iVillage” for NBC — this was about two years ago. It was a daytime program that aired after the “Today” show and I enjoyed it. It was a great way to tap into the creative juices and learn things.

Did Giuliana have any advice for you about anchoring?

Before I went in and started filming I went in and spent a few days with her on “E! News After Hours” and she was coaching me and kind of bringing me up to speed and teaching me some of her tricks of the trade. She gave me some good advice — she’s been doing this for, I think, 10 years now. It was good to have her give me the honest feedback — I had to practice, just like everything else I do.

Between this and Giuliana’s work with E! and your reality show do you ever get any down time together?

We do — that’s the thing, we’re able to do things together. With the reality show, we’re able to do fun things together and incorporate it into the show. Although we’re working we’re actually playing, too. We’re opening up a restaurant in Chicago and we went to Italy to do a little research and we brought the cameras with us and it was great — hardly what I would consider work.

What’s your favorite “America Now” story or segment so far?

There’s so many. We did one on dog bites. Dog bites are on the rise in America, especially with kids coming home from school. We did this segment on what to do when your kid is being chased by a dog and it was fascinating. Using your backpack as a shield, playing dead, not running. My natural reaction would be to run and that would be the worst thing you can do.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson