billboard-music-awards-ty-burrell-julie-bowen-modern-familyThe 2012 Billboard Music Awards took place in Las Vegas on May 20 and they started off with some serious bleeping of expletives. All this from host Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell who play Claire and Phil Dunphy on “Modern Family.”

Awards shows aren’t exactly known for their hysterical opening segments, but this one defied the odds. Bowen and Burrell set up three skits showing them performing a rap, a country number and singing to kids. Each one of them was full of expletives, which were bleeped out. After the kids were shown with horrified looks, they said, “To be fair, that song was written for younger kids.”

Bowen ended with the line, “It’s great to be here with the audience we really love. Ten thousand grown up drunk people!” Thank you, Julie and Ty, for actually making us laugh at the beginning of an awards show for once.

Posted by:jbusch