Well, one thing that can be said for Chris Brown‘s performance at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards? He definitely wasn’t lip-syncing.

When Brown took the stage at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas to perform his new single “Fine China,” it was clear that he was singing live. How was it clear? It sounded awful.

Brown was dancing heavily, which may shoulder some of the blame, but there wasn’t a single note that the singer hit correctly. He sounded out of breath and out of practice. And then the fight choreography began.

When the one thing you’re largely associated with is a violent attack on your girlfriend, no matter how long ago it took place, it’s probably not wise to incorporate violence into a performance. Just saying.

About an hour after taking the stage, Brown tweeted an excuse for his poor performance: “Lil hoarse for the performance but it happens. Good s–t otherwise.”

What did you think about Brown’s performance at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards?

Posted by:Billy Nilles