taylor swift Billboard Music Awards 2013: Taylor Swift gives Martin Scorsese style performance

Credit the cameraman who can keep up with�Taylor Swift.

The hugely popular singer-songwriter isn’t one to remain stationary when she can avoid it, as she proved again at Sunday’s (May 19) 2013 Billboard Music Awards by staying in motion as much as possible in her live television debut of performing her current hit, “22.”

In a sequence worthy of such movie directors as�Martin Scorsese�and�Brian De Palma�– both of whom are famous for using the technique — Swift started the tune in one prolonged, single-camera shot that saw her pushed around on chairs, walking through hallways and up a staircase, riding on the back of a bicycle, and ultimately making her way through the crowd at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand up to the stage.

It’s not the first time Swift has tried, and succeeded at, such complicated choreography: She also pulled it off in 2009, for the first time she performed at the MTV Video Music Awards.

In rendering “You Belong With Me” then, she made her way through midtown Manhattan, even boarding and disembarking from a subway train (with cameraman in tow) before ultimately ending up in front of the event’s venue, Radio City Music Hall.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about Swift’s Billboard Music Awards performance is that for all that activity, she didn’t visibly break a sweat — shortly before she took the night’s award for top album. She’s actually 23 now, but one could see where she was “feeling 22,” indeed.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin