tracy morgan host billboard music awards 2013 Billboard Music Awards 2013: Tracy Morgan is a good but ill fitting host

Anyone who’s watched an episode of “30 Rock” should know the brand of humor that Tracy Morgan brings with him. The comedian didn’t disappoint when he hosted the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, cracking jokes about listing off the black artists at the awards show first and having no one look quite as attractive as Condoleeza Rice. And when he stumbled in his introductions of presenters like Chloe Moretz and gave a strange but well-meant shout out to Michael Jackson, it was in line with the type of personality Morgan has developed over the years.

All in all, Morgan actually did a pretty decent job hosting the Billboard Music Awards — or at least as good as could have been expected. But who thought that Morgan would be the right comedian to host an awards show that honors musicians? Morgan isn’t in the same generation as Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, and it feels strange for him to be standing alongside them.

Choosing someone younger like Andy Samberg or someone more in-tune with the music scene frequent awards shows host LL Cool J would have been a better fit for the 2013 Billboard Music Awards than Morgan. It’s not even like Morgan has a group of fans who would  necessarily tune into the Billboard Music Awards just because he was hosting. While many of Morgan’s jokes worked, it only made matters worse for him that they became less and less frequent as the show continued on. 

Towards the end of the awards show, Billboard only seemed to use Morgan for strange in-show commercials promoting Las Vegas. At least he tried to save the day after Bieber’s ill-received Milestone Award acceptance speech, saying, “Don’t be booin’ nobody, this ain’t ‘Showtime at the Apollo.'” In the end, many probably won’t leave the Billboard Music Awards with good feelings about Morgan’s hosting abilities, but we’ll argue that it’s not entirely his fault. Morgan seemed to try to do the best with the situation he was handed, and we appreciate that he at least got Psy to participate in a dance-off.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz