Alexa Ray Joel — the daughter of supermodel Christie Brinkley and singer Billy Joel — was rushed to the hospital Saturday (Dec. 5) after a suspected pill overdose.

]]>She was taken to St. Vincent’s Medical Center after paramedics responded to a 911 call from her West Village apartment, a police source told the New York Daily News.

Fire Department officials said Alexa told medics she took eight pills and was having trouble breathing. Her condition has now been proclaimed stable.
After dropping out of NYU, Alexa launched a singing career. To compare her career to Miley Cyrus’ would be an overstatement. 
But her latest single is just out. It’s called “Invisible,” which her Web site describes as “the story of disappointment over losing love and self-esteem and finding female empowerment.”
It’s been an unsettled year for the young singer. Her mother’s divorce from her cheating husband Peter Cook was very acrimonious. And in July, her father and his latest wife Katie Lee divorced. 
In an August posting on her MySpace page, Alexa listed her mood as “forgotten” and complained about her love life.
“I HATE going out!! I’m a homebody and a workaholic… I don’t like going out and drinking to meet men!!! I always have to drag myself out the door to get up the motivation to go out, and when I do go out, I don’t meet anybody!!!”
Oh dear. Sounding needy on your MySpace page is a sure fire date-getter. 
Was this a cry for help? 
There’s no confirmation yet as to why the paramedics were called but If this was a drug overdose of any sort we hope Alexa gets whatever help and support she needs. Hang in there!
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Photo credit: FilmMagic