As was earlier reported, Mays was on board U.S. Airways Flight 1241 when a front tire blew out upon landing in Tampa. In a FOX 13 interview, Mays revealed, “All of a sudden as we hit you know it was just the hardest hit, all the things from the ceiling started dropping. It hit me on the head, but I got a hard head.”

Autopsy results are expected on Monday. So far, U.S. Airways has not commented.

In the meantime, Mays’ wife Deborah is requesting privacy.

UPDATE: FAA spokesperson Laura Brown, who initially talked to TMZ about

the seatbelt issue is now claiming she never said that. She now states,

“At this point in time, we cannot have any idea who was or wasn’t

wearing their seat belt on the plane.”


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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen