binders full of women mitt romney 'Binders full of women' is the breakout presidential debate memeEach debate in advance of the 2012 presidential election has come with a breakout moment rife for mocking on the Internet. The first presidential debate had Mitt Romney‘s Big Bird comment, the vice presidential debate had Joe Biden’s “malarkey,” and the second presidential debate has given the world Romney’s “binders full of women.”

In response to a question about parity in pay for women, Romney started telling the town hall crowd of undecided voters in front of him about how when he was selecting his cabinet as Governor of Massachusetts, he didn’t get enough candidates who were women to apply for the job.

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He reached out to women’s groups and other advisers, who brought him “binders full of women” qualified to do the job, and he ended up hiring several.

Naturally, the Internet has latched on to the silliness of the comment, and now there’s already a Twitter account (@RomneysBinder) and a tumblr ( and a top-trending hashtag (#bindersfullofwomen) dedicated to poking fun at the Republican presidential candidate.

Your Facebook and Twitter feeds were probably full of your friends trying out their cleverest quips, too.

What do you think of Romney’s comment? What about the Internet’s subsequent meme-ification of it?

Posted by:Jean Bentley