julian-lennon-john-lennon-beatles-too-late-for-goodbyes-sean-lennon-julian-and-cynthia-lennon-paul-mccartneyJohn Lennon’s eldest son, Julian Lennon, celebrates his 49th birthday on Sunday (April 8) and took to Twitter to thank his fans for tons of well-wishes:

Lennon, who recently returned to the music industry with his first album in 20 years, “Everything Changes,” is also speaking out about portrayals of his late famous father on film.

“I don’t watch them. I know him from when I was with him and from being with Sean and Yoko, so it’s redundant for me to see a film only to get upset at the misinformation in there,” he tells the U.K.’s Metro newspaper.

“Another annoyance is seeing statues in honour of my dad, which is a nice sentiment but sometimes they don’t look anything like him. Some of them are monstrous. Just because it’s of a man with long hair, round glasses and a beard doesn’t mean they look like him.”

Julian and mother Cynthia in 2010:


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