“Bitten” is one of Syfy’s newest series, following the lives of modern-day werewolves. While speaking with Zap2it, Steve Lund talks about playing the fun-loving werewolf Nick Sorrentino and about reuniting with his former “Haven” co-star, Laura Vandervoort (“Smallville,” “V”) on the show.

Zap2it: How would you describe Nick?

Steve Lund: He’s the best! He’s the man! [laughs] Nick’s a very fun character. He’s a fun-loving guy who I’d describe as enjoying the fruits of nature. He’s maybe not taken as seriously as some of the other werewolves, but he’s OK with that.

He knows his role within the pack. My grandfather was the former Pack Alpha before Jeremy, and my father is the sort of book-handler or logistics-coordinator, if you will, for the pack. So there’s a long line of werewolves from which I am a descendant. I’ve lived a pretty privileged life. And I’ve been blessed by the writers to have some of the lighter moments in the scripts and to provide some comic relief. Therefore he’s a very lovable character.

In comparison to the version of Nick in the novel, how does your TV version compare?

I’ve been told by fans of the book and the loyal supporters that my portrayal of Nick is very accurate, in their opinion. That’s a very nice feeling. For me, playing this character is a lot of fun, and I’ve found him very relatable. I’ve found a lot of moments to introduce my own character into it and have in fact been encouraged to do so by writers and directors and producers. So I had a blast playing Nick. There’s definitely a lot of me in him.

What is Nick’s role within the Pack?

Nick is — I wouldn’t call him the enforcer — he’s been pegged as the negotiator. Nick has a very easy way about him, a nice easy charm, a little bit more of a charismatic candor, I suppose. So when you’re dealing with a lot of types with some major tempers and some hot personalities, I’m sent in from time to time to offer a little bit more of a softer approach to getting information. I think I’m very useful in that way.

Since our first image of Nick has him in bed with both a man and a woman, what can you say about the character’s sexuality?

There will be moments, not quite so similar, but there’s definitely a trend that you’ll notice with Nick. And that is simply that he enjoys those facets of life. It’s not to say that he is bisexual or that that even occurs to him. He’s just sort of a man who likes to enjoy himself. In that particular instance, it was merely just a couple of people having fun, just exploring and enjoying, like I said, the fruits of life.

What was it like reuniting with your “Haven” wife, Laura Vandervoort?

You mean Arla Cogan? Lovely! She’s a wonderful, wonderful woman. I cherish my time with her. Meeting her on the set of “Haven” was a treat. Getting to know her was a blast. She’s a very positive woman and a very driven woman. And we had a lot of fun together.

We kept in touch and when we were both down in LA, we actually lived a block away from each other, coincidentally enough. I think our backyards touched — it was crazy, in sort of the biggest city in the world and her and I were that close. Her, myself and a couple of members of the “Bitten” producing team, including the executive producer, Shawn Piller, got together for dinner one night last January or February. We were just talking about different projects that we’d been auditioning for and what we liked and what we didn’t like, and one thing that came up was “Bitten.” At this point, I had had two auditions — one of which was a callback for the role of Clay — but it had been some time since I’d heard from them, so it wasn’t on my mind anymore.

So a couple of weeks later she texted me, and I was like, “Do you want to get together?” And she replied that she was actually on her way to Toronto being offered the role of Elena. I was like, “That’s great! Congratulations! I’m sad that I’m not going to be your neighbor, but best of luck to you! And au revoir!”

And then it wasn’t even a month later I got a call from my agent that I was being considered for one of the lead roles on “Bitten,” and I would have to come back to Toronto to audition further for it. So when I got word of that, I just had a good feeling. I just jumped in my car, drove Route 66 — it took me two and a half days to get to Toronto for the Monday and audition a few more times. And Bob’s your uncle!

“Bitten” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on Syfy.

Posted by:Laurel Brown