nashville peggy teddy married Bizarro 'Nashville' recap: Teddy marries Crazy Peggy? Juliette gets some lady action? Avery and Deacon sing together?

So I think we can all agree that Wednesday (Nov. 13) night’s all-new episode of “Nashville” was an episode straight out of a bizarro world. 

Seriously, there were so many WTF moments, literally jaw-dropping events, and confounding headscratchers, that we have decided that “She’s Got You” was an hour pulled from some alternate dimension. How else can you explain the fact that Teddy married Crazy Peggy (Ugh, Crazy Peggy), Juliette got some sexy lady action from the woman whose husband she’s been screwing, Avery and Deacon sang together (and got along), all in the same episode? You can’t. Hence, bizarro “Nashville.”

While Teddy was off marrying Crazy Peggy, Rayna decided to take her mind off of things by spending the day with hunky country star Luke Wheeler. At first it seemed a little icky, like Luke and Rayna were trading a date for Scarlett’s spot on Luke’s tour, but that ickiness faded fast when it turned out that Luke had some great advice for how to cope when your ex remarries. Rayna spends the day at Luke’s home, shooting guns, getting advice on being a divorcee, making out and hooking up. That’s right, Rayna is having all of the sex this season, with different hot guys because why not? She’s Rayna Jaymes, y’all!

Maddie was having a less-than-stellar day unlike her mother since Teddy was pretty much forcing her to sing at his wedding. Also, fun fact: Maddie and Daphne still don’t know that Peggy’s preggers. That’s not going to be a fun day when they find out. Oof. Maddie’s struggling with Teddy remarrying when she’s not even his biological daughter, and she worries that he’ll stop spending time with her. Teddy wants to postpone the wedding to fix his relationship with Maddie, but Crazy Peggy does some fast talking and convinces him otherwise (she’s also still very much faking her pregnancy).

After a daddy/daughter talk, and seeing how happy Teddy looked at the reception, Maddy and Daphne get on stage and sing. But later on that night, Maddie goes to see Rayna and asks to see Deacon. They go watch him perform at the Bluebird for the first time since before his accident, and they have an adorable daddy/daughter bonding session.

How did Deacon rustle up the courage to perform at the Bluebird? After he accidentally catches Avery’s walk of shame (guess he’s still hooking up with Scarlett, but it’s okay this season because Season 2 humble Avery is pretty cool unlike Season 1 douche Avery). Deacon asks Avery to play the guitar for him in a bar where no one he knows and respects him will see him. He’s nervous to get back onstage since he can’t play the guitar … he can only sing.

Avery helps him loosen up now that he can’t hide behind a guitar, and he’s so uncomfortable it’s absolutely hilarious. Partly because he’s just extremely awkward, and partly because he’s so stubborn it physically pains him to ask Avery for help. But somehow, this dynamic duo works, and the two of them are rocking out together onstage at the Bluebird. More Avery and Deacon scenes, please and thank you!

Gunnar was having a pretty great day … until he wasn’t. You see, not only is he still sleeping with Zoey, but Jeff Fordham was wining and dining him to get the rights to his song for Will. Gunnar gives it up for a mentorship with an Edgehill artist and a spot on the Music City Music Festival lineup. The problem is … the artist Jeff pairs Gunnar up with is Scarlett, out on her tour. How much do you want to be these two rekindle things on the road? Things are going to get messy.

Also messy? Pretty much everything about Will’s life. He’s still struggling with being in the closet, especially since the guy he’s been crushing on debuts his adorable boyfriend. But when a couple homophobes give them a hard time at the hotel bar, Will finds them later and beats them up. All riled up from his rage, he then pays his fake-girlfriend a real booty call. That’s right, Will and Layla did the deed.

But the biggest jaw-dropper of the night goes to Juliette. She and Charlie are still screwing around behind closed doors and flimsy lies, and he ends up inflating her ego even more by telling her she bows down to no one … until she then “bows down” to him, if you catch our drift. Ahem. ABC is getting a little raunchy in the 10 o’clock hour, huh?

Juliette decides Charlie’s got the right idea, and she blows off a big loud mouth pervy radio show host who’s known as Santa Claus because — and try not to gag here — he has girls sit on his lap in order to get air time on his show. Ewwwww that’s so wrong. However, he doesn’t take Juliette’s brush off very well, and gets all the other press to leave after Layla’s set and write bad things about Juliette’s concert.

Back in her hotel room, Juliette shows real emotion when she realized what a mistake she made by listening to Charlie, and reveals just how much of a struggle it is for young girls to make it in the country music business. It actually made us shudder to think about what Juliette has had to in the past to make it to where she is today, and you could tell it affected Charlie as well.

Since the radio show is owned by a Wentworth subsidiary, Charlie gets the pervy host fired, but Juliette demands that he rehire him, saying she can take care of her own problems. She then puts on a confident front and tells “Santa” if he ever even looks at another young girl again, she’ll have him fired again. Plus, she now gets twice as much air time as Layla. That’s a double win for Juliette. Later, in a bizarro show of kindness and compassion, she even tries to help out Layla avoid the same kind of situation but Layla knows exactly what she’s getting herself into, and even embraces it. She’s not the innocent girl she’s purporting herself as.

When Juliette opens her hotel room door later that night expecting to see Charlie, she’s surprised and a little nervous to find Charlie’s wife Olivia at the door instead. She waltzes in and confronts Juliette, saying that she knows Juliette’s been screwing her husband. But the mistake Juliette made? Not hooking up with Olivia! She grabs Juliette and starts furiously making out with her. What?!?

Like we said, bizarre. But in a really good way, right?

“Nashville” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum