Bjork.jpgLady Gaga has cornered the market on weird fashion these days. But we always seem to reference Madonna and all her crazy get ups from years past as an influence on the colorful Mother Monster. Doesn’t anyone remember poor Bjork? She’s got crazy clothes too! Remember the swan dress?

Bjork was a guest on The Colbert Report last night to promote her album “Biophilia.” During the interview she confirmed that people in
Iceland do indeed believe in elves. She said “Yeah, but you guys believe in ghosts.” Host Stephen Colbert explained that ghosts are real because we have ghost hunting shows on TV. Of course, we can only see them with green glasses.

Bjork explained that it’s about Iceland’s love of nature. “It’s all about respect,” explained the singer, doing a bit of a hip hop pose. Check out the video below and marvel at the thing on her head. Give her some respect. That’s got to weigh a ton.

Posted by:jbusch