bjork surgery successful gi Bjork: Surgery successful after canceled tour datesIcelandic singer-songwriter, actress and infamous swan dress wearer, Bjork, has recovered successfully from a surgery to correct a polyp on her vocal chords. On the singer’s official website, Bjork describes the natural methods she attempted for years to avoid surgery.

After recently being forced to cancel a string of festival dates due to the vocal chord infliction, Bjork decided to undergo laser surgery. In her message to fans, Bjork writes, “I stayed quiet for 3 weeks and then started singing and definitely feel like my chords are as good as pre-nodule.”

The Golden Globe nominated composer apologizes for the concert cancellations, saying she “didn’t want to talk about this until I knew for sure if it would work.”

Bjork is scheduled to play the Caprices Festival in Switzerland in the spring of 2013.

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