black box david ajala kelly reilly abc 'Black Box': David Ajala says Will and Catherine's relationship is 'held by strings'

In the May 22 episode of “Black Box,” “Jerusalem,” star David Ajala teases that fans will get to see the “sweeter side” of Will and Catherine. But though the couple is engaged and seemingly happy at the moment, Ajala thinks disaster is brewing in their future.
“Their relationship, whether he chooses to acknowledge it or not, is being held by strings. That’s how fragile it is,” Ajala tells Zap2it. “With Catherine, she knows that Will is right for her. She knows it. But she is self-destructive, and that’s just something that is innate in her which she finds hard to control.”
In Season 1, episode 2, Will told Catherine that he can’t stand lies. But even though she revealed to him her tryst in San Francisco with a stranger, she still hasn’t told him two even bigger secrets: Her “niece” Esme is actually her daughter, and she slept with her colleague Dr. Ian Bickman in addition to that man in San Francisco.
While Ajala thinks Will can deal with the Esme secret, the same isn’t the case for the Bickman one. “I think that may be a breaking point,” he admits. “The guy can only take so much. Even though Will will have the best intentions to marry this woman and be there for her and be like partners, he’s not stupid.”
Will’s backstory is a large part of what plays into his character’s desire to make his relationship with Catherine work, Ajala explains. He saw his mother constantly stand by his father even after his alcoholic father gave up on himself, and ever since he’s been trying to be everything his father was not.
“He wants to be loyal, he wants to be loving, he wants to be graceful and gracious and encouraging; all these things his father wasn’t able to do. Will has become addicted to being everything his father wasn’t. That’s his addiction,” Ajala says. “With Catherine now, he seems to be giving away too much of himself, and he really is working hard to try to make this relationship work. But he is being required to be Superman. He doesn’t need to be Superman. He needs to just value himself and be bold and be brave.”
He adds, “It’s only a matter of time that Catherine will do something that will cause the relationship to end. He will reach a breaking point.”
When asked if he thinks Will and Catherine are the right people for each other, Ajala admits, “I don’t think that anyone can ever find the perfect person. … I do think you can find someone who has a lot of potential, and someone who is willing, by any means necessary, to give it their all to make sure the relationship works.” That’s why even if Catherine and Will’s relationship ultimately doesn’t work out, he thinks he will still have a place on the show.
“I think these two guys — Catherine and Will — no matter what happens by the end of the season, I think they will continue to be part of each other’s lives,” Ajala says. “Because despite all they’ve been through so far — and there’s still a lot more to happen — as much as they don’t understand each other, they care for each other, and I think they’ll continue to be in each others lives. As lovers? Who knows.”
“Black Box” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz