black box finale season 2 abc 'Black Box' Season 1 finale cliffhanger: Does it deserve Season 2? Vote“Black Box” had its Season 1 storylines reach a climax in its two-hour finale, with the truth finally coming out about Catherine Black’s (Kelly Reilly) bipolar disorder, and her having to reveal to Esme (Siobhan Williams) that she is her biological daughter, not niece. 

As Ditch Davey teased to Zap2it, there were some “messy” moments in the finale, and that’s putting it mildly. Esme isn’t speaking to Catherine after their paternity was revealed, the residencies of Leo, Ali and Mackenzie are unclear and, of course, Leo fired Catherine from The Cube at the very end of the episode.
So what comes next? ABC hasn’t announced whether it will pick the show up for Season 2 yet, and we want to know if you want more “Black Box.” Vote below in our poll, and share your take in the comments or on Twitter.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz